Song to Frank and Moon Unit Zappa’s "Valley Girl"

Contains spoilers for Trimax vol.5


Valley Girl
She's a Valley Girl
Valley Girl
She's a Valley Girl
He’s so cute .
The Horn! The Horn!
She's a Valley Girl
Who cosplays more!
Okay, fine . . .
Fer sure, fer sure
She's a . . .

Major Horndog (Valley Girl)
But he’s like SO seksi (Valley Girl)
Legato and him are hot! (Valley Girl)
Thou’ there’ s always Wolfwood (Valley Girl)
And like all these people who wanna see him with
Dominique, like I don’t get that. She’s like locked up like fort nox
I like LOVE him with Wolfwood.
It's like so BITCHEN cuz they’re like
Total TOTAL opisites.
It's like so BITCHEN, like . . .

On the m/l, there she be
She bought some new doujinshi
Writes fanfiction’s from her head
And posts them all over the whole web.

Anyway, he goes are you into Hoppard and Middie?
I go, oh RIGHT . . .

He’s like… this ugly old bald man.
Yeah right, Oh Hoppard! Oh Hoppard!!. . .
I'm sure! NO WAY!
He was like freaking me out . . .
He said Midvalley was creppy.
That's cuz like he had NO TASTE
He was like.. pro-hetero couples!
I'm sure!

Valley Girl
She's a Valley Girl
Valley Girl
She's a Valley Girl
He’s so cute
The Horn! The Horn
She's a Valley Girl
With doujinshi porn!
Okay, fine . . .
The Horn! The Horn!
She's a . . .
It's really sad (Valley Girl)
Like volume five.
He's like . . . (Valley Girl)
He's like a meat puppet (Valley Girl)
We're talking like sax pimp meat puppet(Valley Girl)
I am so pissed.

It was like so GROSS
He like stands there and shoots at Hopard and stuff.
And he’s like dead….l
It's like totally disgusting
I'm like so sure
It's like BARF ME OUT . . .
Gag me with a spoon!

Her best plans she had today
Was what to buy for her cosplay
A nice good pair of saddle shoes
And where to get her pink shirt too!

So like I go into this like dealer room
And I wanted like to get some of the Slayers Doujinshi
And the dealer goes, you’re like into the Hornfreak?
He’s like so PERVEY
It was like really embarrassing
He's like OH MY GOD, like he’s LEGATO’S Manwhore
I'm like sure . . .
He goes, uh, I only sell the Vash stuff here .
I was like really embarrassed . . .

Valley Girl
She's a Valley Girl
Valley Girl
She's a Valley Girl
He’s so cute!
The Horn The Horn!
She's a Valley Girl
And for Middie she morns!
Okay, fine
The Horn! The Horn!
She's a Valley Girl
With Fanfiction Porn!

Like Midvalley is SO uke (Valley Girl)
Legato has him SO whipped (Valley Girl)
SO whipped (Valley Girl)
I am sure
He’s SUCH a hottie
(Valley Girl)
Oh Yes!! (Valley Girl)
TOUCH THE HORN! (Valley Girl)

Uh-huh . . .
(Valley Girl)
My name?
My name is Tanima-chan!
(Valley Girl)
That's right, Tanima
(Valley Girl)
Uh-huh . . .
I know
(Valley Girl)
It's like . . .
Yeah, it’s like my online name. . .
I'm sure
(Valley Girl)
Whatsa matter with an online name? (Valley Girl)
I’m into Midvalley, I know (Valley Girl)
But he’s like WAY cooler in the manga so it's okay (Valley Girl)
Huh-ah . . . (Valley Girl)
So like, he’s cool with Wolfwood(Valley Girl)
It’s the suits like totally (Valley Girl)
Oh my God! (Valley Girl)

Hi — I won some stuff on ebay (Valley Girl)
I'm getting "Ukiko Kiyota" (Valley Girl)
But it’s like twenty bucks
That's going to be such a good deal
It’s Midvalley and Wolfwood.
Like those Vash and Meryl books
They're so gross . . .
It’s like SO out of character
But like, I don't know, it's going to be cool, y'know
The doujinshi ka has been on a major Midvalley kick for the last year
It'll be like really cool
Except she always makes Midvalley the seme
But NO BIGGIE . . .
He’s SO cool
It's like TUBULAR, y'know
Well, he’s not like really ugly or anything
It's just like
I don't know
You know me, I'm like into like the hard stuff
Like Radical X… only they like, never do Midvalley.
Like I once read this Band x Midvalley
It's like so GROSS . . .
Like everyone wants to rape this guy.
And it's like, they need more Midvalley fanficion.
It's like so cool. . .
I'm sure
He’s like REALLY sekushi
Like oh yeah!