Okies, here's my art work, enjoy kay'?

Meringue Pastel

Okies, here's kawaii little me^^ Well..not really^^;


Wai! Tis my first mecha pic and it has a tail!


This is my basic water color drawing of Hazel (isn't he cute?^^)

Hazel and Dika

Here's another picture of Hazel this time with kawaii kuroi-neko-chan Dika^^


Here's Matuils my kawaii evil male persona


Here's Ser, in this really kawaii outfit I found


Wai! SD Meri Kawaii! Complete with cat ears^^

Another Ser picture

And here's Seraya in yet another kawaii outfit

Wanna Go back?
All art work that you see here is my own and with the exception of Seraya all characters created here are my own. Please don't use the pictures with out my permision or Ill hate you!! Ill haunt you and your children and your childrens' children too!! ;.; (I also take no credit in creating that quote, I just thought it was funny)