Meri-chan Presents...Adventures in Cosplay!!!

Ahh..the anime convention..a time when people of anime love dress up as the character of their choice and preform the act of "Cosplay"
Gee..makes me wish I'd been to a con. But I haven't,
However I did have a great time dressing up as Milly last Halloween and alot of my other friends dressed up also. So it is with great pleasure that I present to you my small but proud collection of cosplay photos. (I'll probably get around to finding other pictures from the con's my friends have been to ^^;)

I so lucked out on getting the coat Me! AS Milly! With...A UFO!!

Lucked out with the cat too ^^; Lookie! I even found a
Kuroneko-sama to hang out with!

Viva La'Nerf-Gun What the camera man last saw...

Be very afraid..

From left to right, Flute (Violinist of Hamelin ) Belldandy (Oh my Goddess) Lina (Slayers) Ashitaka (Princess Mononoki) Suboshi (Fushigi Yuugi) and Milly Thompson (Trigun) "We have no lives!" commented the strange cult.

I sooo love that costume As you can see, Lina Inverse was very happy about her costume. "Look! I even bought yellow underpants!" she exclaimed. Her sister Amelia mearly commented, "I'm a star of justice!"

I love the shirt too^^ Girl Ranma IS Guy Ranma!

Look! Yellow Suspenders! Do YOU have yellow suspenders? I didn't think so! And here's me complety plasterd on Sprite. "Rabuu and Pisuuuu..." I slurred out before collapsing in a drunken heep

Click Dominique What is it that makes people love female fatels? to go home.
Please don't take any of my weird and whitty coments seriously, it was only for fun. Also don't take the pictures on here with out my permision blah..blah..blah..