Trigun volume 6 review

Weeee!!! I finally got it. Its on vhs 'cause the store didn't have the dvd, so I'll get the dvd later.
right now, its time for some vol.6 spoilery goodness
The crazy man at work did this --;

Ok, I finally got the DVD version of Volume 6 (Came out a week late *grumble grumble*)
However I did get a few good things out of it. One when I went to exchange the VHS tape that I had my assistant manager suggested that I just keep the pretty card that the vhs came with. So know I have two cards. (Weee!) Second, my Senpai (aka, a guy at work who's not the main boss, but he can still boss me around) Drew this little picture you see asking the Assistant Manager to hold it for me. (Weee!)
Ok, DVD wise I liked the set up, its basically done in an old black and white movie style. Extras are good this time around. We have character designs of the SEED crew. And even better, all the covers for the Japanese DVD's all done by Nightow himself. These things are so pretty that my only complaint was why they didn't release those ones in the US also.
Ok, Seiyuu wise, good work. When you compare Chibi-Vash and Knives they actually are pretty similar voce acting wise. Grown up Knives…. Well I actually liked his VA better *ducks*
And finally my one pet peeve.
Knives (Japanese version): Will you shot me again Vash?
Knives (American version): Are you aiming at me again Vash?
See my problem?
I know that sometimes you need to match the lyp synching up but still…. I know that the entire plot is not going to be misinterpreted because of that. (At least I hope not ^^;) but this still kind of annoys me. Its not like I'm gonna band dubs now because of this, but I'd like for them not to worry so much about if the audience is gonna mind words being out of place and all.
Oh yeah, new favorite Wolfwood quote "Give me back my lunch"
Vol.17 Wow, you know considering that in the manga, they only show this part over a gradual amount of time. It still came out pretty well. They show a lot about Rem, and its easy to see where Vash gets his personality from. (The entire "How do you know he wouldn't shoot you?" deal)
Ok, here's my little dub review for that
I liked Chibi Vash, he started off a little shaky and in the end he had it down pretty well. The part where he's crying for Rem to come back is done pretty well. As for Chibi Knives, he was pretty good for the most part, but there where a lot of times when he sounded a little too "Demonic-Kid"-ish. As for Rem, in the other episodes, I thought she came off as a little too young sounding. She started off like this in the ep. also but by the end, she had gotten it down pretty well.
SIDE NOTE: I thought the scene with Knives wondering if a person would ever try to eat him was really cute

ep.18 *clears throat* WOOO!!! BUCK NEKKID VASH!!! WEEE! (yes, nekkid, its a long story) I mean! You hardly see any male nudity in anime. The last time I saw animated nudity was in "Road to El-Dorado"! ...and that wasn't even anime! err... anyway...
Oh my God, Vash and Wolfwood dub-wise have NAILED there parts. The two of them were great. I liked Lina a lot but I thought that she sounded a little too old. (Grandma did a really good job thou') I didn't so much mind that the don't bother showing Vash and Wolf defeating the bad guys (It works really well)But in the manga there's this really cutely drawn scene of Wolf and Vash standing in a pile of rubble with Lina hugging him. They kinda show it, but its composed differently.
As for Knives.
Woh! I liked him. I found him a little too friendly sounding in vol.4, but by this time he comes across as crazy, scary, hyper and violent. (and Vash's screaming during the Angle Arm flashback is really good too)

ON A SIDE NOTE: Vash tells Wolf that he can't remember what really happened in Augusta, and he also tells Elizabeth the same thing about July. Does using the arm cause him to loose his memory?

Ep.19 Meryl and Milly are back! (I loved the "Stun Gun" scene).
Dubbing wise. I liked Max's voice and Vash was good as well. (And I'm becoming really impressed with Meryl's VA). Oh yeah! The Puppet Master! Teehee..he talks funny 'en stuff. But its a good voice.

~Domo Arigato, Mister Legato~
As for the "Tongari" translation...
ROFLMAO!!! That was great (and no I’m not telling you guys either). I was expecting something simple and know, like "Spikey", but man... that was simply great..

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