Trigun Fan Art it is, my very own Trigun Fan Art. Some good, some bad, some in need of work ^^;. But hey, its worth a look isn't it? Enjoy

Lightblub! Weeee!!

iz so koot Nine year old Midvalley and SD Wolf-Wolfwood.

*drools* Vash wearing his coat.... just his coat.

Come on.. who wouldn't wanna get bathed by Wolfwood? Makes more sence if you've read chapter four of "Heaven and Hell". Light Shonen-Ai hint.

~Soooouu...~ The kanji on the side can be translated to "The ground beneth her feet" cool ne'?

No, it's not dandrif -- Basic little Legato drawing. (It's cool thou')

It's the whole 'Tainted Angle' deal Wolf agnest a graphiti sprayed wall

Pencil-wise this one came out REALLy well Vash thinks of Rem

Yay..20's.. Meryl and Milly as flappers

This came out rather crappy, but it's a funny picture Trigun Survivor, starting Legato as the slimmer, less hairy and straighter (hopefully ^^;) version of Rich.

Smmmmmoookin!! Nicholas D Wolfwood by the road-side ^^;

Ike neechan-tachi! Merly and Milly Here to kick butt and eat pudding and they're all out of pudding

Kachi: He cut him self shaving ;_; Bloody Legato

I still make a better cosplay anime-milly-wise Manga Milly

Its my first perisma drawing ^^; Meryl in normal cloths

If you're not pro WolfxMilly then at least look at it for what Wolf's wearing Another Wolf and Milly

lets here it for good shadding, woooo!!! Dominique the Cyclops

I don't care what anyone says, that man is Sting Knives Million

~Thompson Girl..I'm stranded at the unique motel...~ Wolf and Milly

Yay for Meryl..wee...Nice Meryl picture

I've corrupted many a few with this drawing I've officaly given this picture the caption: "Midvalley, what are you doing here?"

In a minor fun fact, that gun she has is called a luger Dominique the Cyclops Yay! My first Dominique picture! Hmm..about this picture..well..I made her blond (like in the manga) and as for the bra..*shrugs* I dunno, I just felt like it ^^;

I like the background on this one You know, I didn't really like Meryl that much at first, but Im really starting to think that she's cool. (I'd also wish that the hand could have been better ^^;)
Yes, that's a cross Shirtless Wolfwood I loved doing this one, (he's studly ^.-)

Mmm..chalk full of detailed goodness... Vashu!! Same as one above ^^;

Midvally funfact: He named his sax Sylvia Hey, its my first Midvally picture (Kind fuzzy thou')
Horry for Kuroneko-sama Its Wolfwood and Kuroneko-sama! *insert cute Japanese words here*
Sooouuu.... Waaa!! I cry everytime I look at this!! *well not really ^^;*
Despite the fact that this is my oldest picture, I still like it Miri Tonpuson desu! Isn't she cute?

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All the pictures that you see here are mine. They have been based on Trigun, which is not mine. I take no credit in creating Trigun. Unless it is for personal use, please do not take these pictures without my perimsion or I will send the Gung-Ho-Guns to "deal" with you.