The continuation......

Ok…they that might not be too convincing…well you surely couldn’t doubt MIDVALLY AND AMIBOSHI!!! Yes! Guys, Who, at the blow of a horn (or flute) have the ability to wreak much havoc through the use of a wood wind instrument!

Ok…so that was kinda week….well..what do you think of DOMINIQUE AND SOI!!!
Oh..come on…they’re both female fatels…

And notice how both shows seam to feature the concept of

GOOD AND EVIL TWINS!!! YES!!! Vash and Knives! One, a hunter of LOVE AND PEACE!!! And the other a killer in order to preserve the tranquility of the earth! Amiboshi and Suboshi! One of them, a sweet musician! The other one, a total jerk who jumps to conclusions and won’t leave poor Yui alone. (I kind of hate Suboshi ^^;)

True, all this so far might sound funny, but there’s no doubt in my mind that you wouldn’t see the shocking coincidence to .... Continue