Ok, I finally dicided that I should have a place where I show my own artwork just for the heck of it, and a place where I acutally made stuff for you guys. Enjoy.

yay Happy Brithday "Love and Peace!" it's one year old now! (Go visit it)

o.O; Drawn for Seth and his new found love of Midvalley and Wolfwood. (Ok, it was new found when he requested it.. like four mounths ago --;) MAJOR Shonen-Ai warning

Middieeee!!! Midvally drawing for Sumire Made 'cause Sumire's the biggest Hornfreak fan out there.

Jashu senpai tanjobi omedetou Inked Wolfwood I drew this picture based on the idea that if Josh draws somthing for my birthday, then I should draw him somthing back ^^;

Chibi Knives is being a meanie ;.; 1705 Drawn for Amanda, its my 2d atempt with perisma penciles.

I really should use this one for easter ^^; 1600 hits Nezu requested this one *Thanks Nezu!*

Thanks for 1300 hits 1300 hits Wolf, Vash and Legato fingure painting. Awww^^

Thanks for 1071 hits 1071 hits Its of all the little GhG's playing baseball.

Kachi Tanjobi Omedetou! Kachi's B-day Present I drew this for Kachi for her birthday present. (Isn't it cute?)

May your New Year be full of 'love and peace!' Happy New Year

This was my New Years pic

1015 hits! 1015 hits

This was drawn for Sariaru for reaching my Lucky Number...well..number ^^;

All bow before Kuronekosama (or as some people call him 'stupid cat') Beki no tanjobi no puresento

I drew this at Becky's request for her birthday present. Happy Birthday Becky!!

500 hits *I'm on a roll* Thanks for 500 hits!

Here's my 500 hits pic. (Got some Shonen Ai in there, just so you know)

250hits Thanks for 250 hits!
I actually got the idea for this one when I was at the gym *Don't ask about SD-Wolfwood thou'*

Christmas Trigun Style Marry Christmas from Trigun
This is my first major photoshop success. (yay..) I actually sent this one out as a Christmas Card.

100 hits Thank you for 100 hits
Im proud of this one too. (Just so you know, it has a very light shonen-ai hint)
Kuroneko-sama sez' 'Happy Thanksgiving' Trigun Thanksgiving This one's hillarious. (I loved doing everyone's expresions)
I love the costume I drew for her Trigun Halloween This is my first "Trigun Holiday" picture. I like how it turned out acutally, considering that I need ALOT of work with my photoshop skills.

This stuff is mine! Minemineminemine! Please take ONLY with my permision, so I don't get mad and have a hissy fit. Thanks
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