Heaven and Hell
Part one
Warning, this is not only yaoi it's DARK yaoi. Don't like? Don't read.

“So, ready for tomorrow?” “Hmm?”
Midvalley looked over at the young priest.
“That assignment. Over in New Oregon.”
“Oh that.”
Midvalley nodded.
“Yeah, I’ll see you then.”
Wolfwood grinned.

Midvalley sighed and walked to his quarters. He turned on a small lamp light next to the table and poured himself a drink. He was tired again. This was a bad sign. He figured even while being with a guy like Wolfwood, he could still be so discontent. He removed his coat and shoes and poured himself yet another shot of burgundy. He drank it in one gulp. He walked over to the couch and sat down debating to himself if he should get some rest. Just then he found his body violently twisting it’s self into a very painful position. He gave a sharp cry of pain.

“I find it rather fun to hear it when you yell like that…”

His eyes jerked to the corner to see an all to formula figure standing there.
“L…Legato…Sa…” The blue haired man laughed quietly.
“Yes… struggle not to scream so loud… I’m enjoying it immensely”
Midvalley gritted his teeth. He’d be damned before he let that twisted bastard be so satisfied with him.
Legato walked over to him, kneeling down to the musicians level.
“You’re mad at me aren’t you? That doesn’t surprise me in the least… I wonder… are you afraid?”
He stood up and ran his hand down Midvalley’s backside.
“Do I ever tell you why I do this?”
He ran his hand under Midvalley’s stomach, down to his crouch. Midvalley winced slightly. Legato unbuckled Midvalley’s pants and slowly pulled them off. The musician felt the cold air along his naked body. Legato pulled off his own cloths. He grinned evilly. His own penis hardening.
“You’re my replacement… you give me what He denies me.”
Legato climbed on top of Midvalley who struggled to break free of Legato’s control.
Legato scoffed “Trying to escape are we? You weren’t so reluctant the last time I offered myself to you.”
The golden eyed man ran his hand under Midvalley’s crotch and gave it a squeeze.
Midvalley gave a cry of pain and all of a sudden released in horror that his own penis was erected.
Legato chuckled again as the musician released that his man hoods excitement wasn’t entirely fault of his own.

“Well.. now it’s my turn. Believe me.. I shall be extremely entertained by you.” Midvalley’s face turned red as he found himself ejaculating into Legato’s hand. Legato pulled his hand out and licked it from his own fingers. He then smiled evilly once again and wiped it across Midvalley’s mouth. Midvalley found himself licking his own seamen from the corners of his lips. He winced at the bitterness of it. He had started to breathe frantically. Two strong hands continued to massage his crouch while he felt Legato’s own erect penis rubbing against his ass. He wanted to scream, but he figured that even if he had gathered the courage to do so. Legato would probably have made sure that he didn’t. He shuddered as he felt a warm wet tongue along his neck. He felt it go lower along his back side, lower until it reached were his ass begin. He was sweating horribly now… he couldn’t remember the last time he felt in so much pain, and Legato hadn’t even gotten to intercourse. He winced as he felt teeth marks along his back. This time he did cry out as the hands squeezed his genitalia even harder. He felt it go stiff again. He prayed that this humiliation would be over soon.

“Do you really think it will end that quickly? And here I am, trying so hard to pleasure you… you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

Legato slowly raised up the musicians hips, ruffly grabbing Midvalley’s thighs and pulling them wider. He squeezed the chocolate-eyed man’s buttocks and pulls them wider as well. Slowly Legato stuck just the tip of his penis into Midvalley’s ass. Midvalley sighed to himself. At least he was slow this time at least-

Biting his lip to keep from screaming was the lest Midvalley could do as Legato violently trusted the rest of it into him. Oh God it hurt. He didn’t know how painful that could be.

“Enjoy this world of pain Midvalley… I know I do..”

The blue haired man continued to thrust repeatedly and violently. Harder and harder. And each time it became harder for Midvalley to keep himself from screaming. He could feel Legato’s man hood inside of him. Finally he opened his mouth to scream.. and released with horror that he couldn’t.

“Now why would I want you to make so much noise? After all… you’re suppose to be enjoying it aren’t you?”

Midvalley ejaculated again.
Finally in what seamed like forever, the pain stopped and he felt the penis slowly pull out from him. His body finally regained control and he collapses on the couch. Legato calmly got dressed and headed towards the door. “Well.. that was highly enjoyable.. next time I’ll let you be on top…”

Midvalley felt a small amount of blood starting to trickle out of where the golden eyed killer’s manhood had once been only a few minutes ago.
He lay there too sore to move. So this is what his life had come to. No one asked him if he was happy. His life was a nightmare. He was in hell.

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