Heaven and Hell Part 4

No real anything, just some very light lime.

He heard voices. Nothing distant… just talk…
His throat felt sore… He finally managed to speak.
“Why is it so dark…”

A rufer and more familiar voice responded.
“The fact that your eyes are closed might have something to do with that.”

Midvalley opened his eyes to see the familiar chain smoking priest. He then found himself wincing as the bright light shined on his dark eyes. He blinked in surprise as the darker man’s hand covered his eyes.
“Here… let me lower the shades.” Midvalley closed his eyes again, till he heard the shades lower.
He slowly reopened his eyes to get a good look at his surroundings.
He was in a hotel room.
If he had 5 c-cents for whenever he woke up in a hotel with a head ache and his fellow Gung Ho Gun next to him…
“How’re ya’ feeling?”
He sighed and re-closed his eyes.
“Like I was stabbed, electrocuted and giving CPR by a man who tastes like cigarette…”
This aroused a good laugh from the Priest.
“Well, at least this hasn’t affected your sense of humor.”
He felt the beds weight shift as Wolfwood got up and walked over towards a table. “Here… you’ve been out for about a day… you could probably use some water…”
He heard Wolfwood come back and felt a glass press against his lips. He felt another hand behind his messy dark brown hair. “Drink this…”
The musician slowly sipped the water. He throat immediately felt wet again.

“Drink all of it. You need it.”

Still tired, he drank even more, until Wolfwood removed the glass from his lips.
The musician found a little more strength to speak.
“You saved my life.”
Wolfwood shrugged. “You would have done the same. ‘sides,..”
He leaned over and gave Midavalley a quick kiss on the forehead. “Wouldn’t be any fun with out you.”
The kiss came to him as a bit of a surprised. “Seriously?”
Nicholas rolled his eyes. “No Midvalley, I’d have a ball if only you weren’t there.. Of course you dumb jerk, I’d miss you. As much as I hate to admit it, I was seriously afraid there.”

Midvalley tried to sit up, but a horrible pain in his body caused him to fall back down again. He forced himself to relax until it was over.
“Just lay there and be happy you’re still alive. Wanna smoke?”
“You know I only do that after sex.”
Wolf shrugged and lit himself a cigarette.

The Musician winced slightly. “Why is it so hot in here?”
“Hmm? I thought it was pretty cool myself..”
A warm hand was put on his forehead.
“You have a fever.”
The bed shifted again. “Christ, you’re in God’s favor you know that?”
“I really doubt that,”
He laughed despite how it was making him wince. “You think after all this hell I’ve been through, that God favor’s me?”
He felt a damp cloth on his forehead.
“Hard lives are given to those who can live them successfully, whether they believe it or not.”
“So is this where your religious faith comes in Chapel? To try to tell me that God loves me even after all the sins I’ve committed, all that acts of blasphemy I’ve done, that I’m NOT going to hell?”
He felt the damp cloth move lower along his face.
“Heaven is available for everyone, you make your own personal hell. That’s what you’re doing anyway, that’s what we’re all doing. Here hold on a sec…”
Midvalley blinked in surprise as Wolfwood started to unbutton his blouse.
“What do you think you’re do-”
“I’m gonna give you a bath you moron.”
“Oh and aren’t you the ideal nurse.”

“Can I help it if you smell?”

The priest picked him up again as easy as he could pick up his own gigantic arsenal. “God… you really are heavier then I thought….”

* * *

“You know… I am really starting to be insulted by your comments on my weight, not everyone can be as buff as you, Mister So-called Sexy preacher man.”
Midvalley sat a little awkwardly naked in the bathtub as he let the Priest bathe him.
He blinked as Wolf poured a ton of water over his head.
“I should have you know, I still get sore from carrying that thing around. Now, if I could simply sling you over my shoulder that might work, but No… you’d complain.”
Wolf playfully started to scrub behind Midvalley’s ears. He found himself laughing again.
“Oh.. thanks Mom.”
“I’m sure your real Mom would have done the same thing.”
Wolf started to scrub down Midvalley’s lower back. “You know, Midvalley… if you weren’t hurt so badly, I’d probably be getting more… unholy intentions.”
Midvalley gave what came out as a bit of yelp and Wolf started to run the wash cloth down the musician’s lower front.
“Relax, it’s nothing you’re not use to. Trust me here…”
He forced himself to relax as Wolf started to clean near his more personal areas.
“So… where are you gonna begin your search for him at?”
The gray eyed priest paused a moment. “Suppose to begin around December or so… that should be nice. I’ll probably stop by and say hello to the kids.”
Midvalley looked at him “Wait, kids? You have kids?”
Now it was Wolf’s turn to laugh. “Not my own… Didn’t I ever tell you this? The church I work at doubles as an orphanage, it’s located a couple of Iles from December. Nice little place… We pick up kids with no real place to go and take ‘em in.”
“I take it that’s where you got all your good nurse skills.”
Wolfwood smirked. “Yeah, pretty much. But what can I say, I like kids. I love seeing them… the way their faces light up when I walk in… how they all call me ‘Nick-niichan’, how they ask what I brought them, then they stop remember the manner’s that I’ve taught them and then ask how my trip was. And then the few days I spend with them, playing kick ball… telling stories… making cookies..-“
“Wait” Midvalley interrupted. “You like to make cookies?”
He bursted out laughing. “Chapel, professional Gung-Ho Gun assassin, likes to make cookies.”
Wolf turned red, “Hey… they’re good, ok?”
“Why didn’t you ever make me cookies?”
Midvalley face turned into a mock pout
That last remark got him with a bar of soap in his mouth. His immediate response was to splash him in the face with a bunch of soapy water. Wolf of course splashed him back and the soon the two full-grown men had started a water fight just like two kids.

* * *

“Well… that was fun.”
“Yeah… until the people down stairs complained to the front desk of that huge water leak.”
Midvalley lay in bed next to Wolfwood whose hair and blouse had been soaked with bath water.
The Priest sighed as he pulled of his wet shirt and tossed it on a nearby chair.
“And that was my only good shirt I’d brought for this trip too…”
“Well you started it.”
“Did not.”
“Did too.”
Wolf grabbed a pillow.
“Hey! You wouldn’t hurt a wounded man would you?”
Midvalley raised his hands up in front of his face.
The Darker man sighed and put the pillow back down.
“I’ll save this for when you feel better…”

All of a sudden Wolf leaned over and kissed him on the lips. This was a little unexpected for him, but he had come to understand the no so predictable Nicholas D Wolfwood.
“What was that?”
“Good night kiss, what else would it be?”
Midvalley turned and looked at the Priest. “You know, you’re a lot more sweeter to me after I’ve been seriously hurt.”
He grinned. “I should do this more often.”
“Don’t even think about it. Scared the shit out of me last time.”
“And do you swear like that in front of the kids?”
“Only in front of you…”
The priest turned off the light to the nightstand and laid back in bed.
Midvalley slowly drifted to sleep as he heard Wolfwood mutter.
“’cause that’s just the special SOB you are.”