Heaven and Hell

Here ya' go. The final part. Has some lime at the begining but it should be nothing else to serious.

“You seam distracted. You’re not nearly struggling half as much are you usually do.”

It had been 3 weeks sense Wolfwood had left to go find the illusive Vash the Stampede. And Midvalley had now found himself left once again with Legato Bluesummers, participating in the sexual acts of the leader of the Gung Ho Guns. Of course it was a very solely one way relationship and Midvalley found no pleasure at all in it. Midvalley would never truly tell anyone, but he had incredible doubts about his.. “Occupation.” What could he say? He was selfish. He wanted to live. But no… they way it was going, he was going to serve and die under a mad man.

And as humiliating as it may sound, a mad man who was taking extreme joy in licking around his lower abdomen.

“I wonder what we can do to make this more exciting…”

Midvalley once again felt his whole body stiffen as Legato started to lick the musicians still relatively new scar that he’d recently gotten.

He finally screamed once Legato gouged it open with his long claws.

* * *

“Hmm… you’re drinking heavier then usual. I’d have to guess Legato-sama visited you.”

Midvalley glanced up at his drinking partner Dominique the Cyclops who laughed and slowed another shot of vodka.

The two of them were at a bar about in a small no-name town. After Wolfwood had left, Midvalley found himself confiding in Dominique a lot more then often.

“You knew about that?”

She laughed. “Most of us do. It’s hard not to notice. Chapel knew also.”

The musician blinked. “He knew?”

“Yeah, never said anything thou’, he knew how stressed out it probably made you. He didn’t wanna put any more pressure on you knowing that he knew.”

Dominique smirked “Sweet guy, wish we could all be so lucky to have a guy like that.”

“Knock it off and pour me another shot…”

He sighed as he drank his liquor. “You know what the sad part is… nothing’s changed”


“What me and Legato do… I’ve sadly enough become VERY use to it. But with Ni- eh Chapel… He was.. aw damn it, I could feel content again with everything… and now he’s gone.”

Dominique smirked “You always have been like that… weak.. reluctant… mostly concerned on your own self-preservation.”

“I wasn’t for Chapel… With that crazy son of a bitch, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve nearly died because of him”

“Hmm… and yet you’ve risked your life for the guy… I wonder, is it because you-“

She leaned a little forward on the table. “Care for him?”

Midvalley, who was still sipping his drink nearly choked on it. The entire incident caused Dominique to laugh even harder.

“You’d never admit that even under slow and painful torture would you? Midvalley the Hornfreak, resident player of the Gung Ho Guns actually cares about someone. What would you do with him once he’s gone after Vash the Stampede? Run off with him? Live on a nice little farm with 2.5 kids and a Thomas? And do you even think it’ll be that easy? The Humanoid Typhoon has already defeated both Monev the Gale AND EG Mine.”

She gave him a cold smile as she finished off the rest of her drink. “And I’m next.”

She grabbed the bottle of Vodka from the still surprised Midvalley and looked at reflection in the glass bottle. “I will defeat him mind you. I can’t afford to have doubts. But I will not face Legato-sama if anything doesn’t go according to plan. I’ll still make my own fate, not him.”

Midvalley understood far too well what she planed to do.

“My question is, Hornfreak. What kind of fate will you make for yourself? How long do you plan to live in this personal hell of yours?”

She picked up her hat from off of the table and put in on as she stood up, her long dirty blond hair whipping around behind her. She calmly walked out the door leaving Midvalley in his own rut of discontentment.

* * *

The fact that Dominique the Cyclops had failed to defeat Vash the Stamped and had killed her self rather then face Legato hadn’t come across as much of a surprise for the Musician. He hadn’t felt too sad about it either. Sure he’d miss her, she was an exhalent drinking partner, and yet… the term “better her then me” kept echoing in his mind. He’d learned a long time ago to block any truly strong emotions out of his head.

The Augusta incident had however surprised him. Knives’s twisted “re-birth”, his crippling of Legato, and how the arm of Vash the Stampede had destroyed an entire town. After that it seamed like the entire planet had become one chaotic state of mind. He hadn’t received much contact with the Gung Ho Guns and often just took random night club gigs. He often was thankful that his killing method was also strongly connected to his own musical talents. Yet rumors spread like wild fire. He’d heard that Wolfwood had left immediately after the 5th moon incident to work at that church of his. He’d debated possibly visiting the man, yet he figured that Wolfwood was a completely different person when he was actually a young priest. Over a year had passed sense he’d seen him and still nothing. Until he’d heard a pretty good rumor.

Wolfwood was off to find Vash the Stampede again.

It might have been a year and half but it felt like ten as Midvalley sat at bar on closing with a pen in his hand. He quickly scribbled it out as he took another drink.

September City, Atlas Bar.
Thought we should catch up on old times.


He put the letter in his pocket as he walked outside letting the warm night wind blow on him. He’d mail it tomorrow.