Here’s to the Night

Story takes place right after chapter six of Trigun Maximum volume five so expect spoilers.

NC-17 for graphic depictions of homosexual sex.

Flames will be feed to rabid hamsters

"I don't feel sympathy for you……"

The words that Wolfwood had thought a few hours ago continued to echo in his head. He shifted in the hard wooden chair that he was sitting in and pull his cigarette out of his mouth. Glancing out the open window of the hotel room, he flicked the ashes out side and watched as the wind picked them up and carried them away into the night sky. It had been about four days sense his encounter with his former partner. It had been four days sense he’d watched his former partner be shot through the chest and died with out a sound. And yet the words of Midvalley the Hornfreak still echoed in his head

"Your eyes…are the eyes of a traitor."

That comment had never surprised the priest in black too much. It was the late musician’s other remark that had caught him off guard.

"That’s not what I’m talking about. That’s not it at all is it Chapel?"

He’d known. He’d realized Wolfwood’s die-hard loyalty to the Humanoid Typhoon. He’d realized how Nicholas D Wolfwood would rather die, then betray Vash the Stampede.

Wolfwood exhaled and watched as the light smoke blow out of his mouth and faded into the air. It felt so long ago that he’d meet the assassin with a saxophone. So long sense their assignments, their drinking, their womanizing. So long sense their.. their…

Wolfwood closed his eyes for a moment and recalled how Midvalley’s fingers would run through his blue-ish black hair. How his lips usually lingered with the flavor of alcohol.

Damn it, he missed that son of a bitch already.

Wolfwood’s ears pricked up as he heard the familiar sound of a door knocking. There was a pause and the

door creaked open. The dark haired man turned to see a familiar head of spikey gold hair stick his head in.


Vash turned and smiled at the priest. "You okay? You’ve been up here by yourself for over two hours."

Wolfwood turned to Vash and forced himself to smile.

"It’s nothing Tongari… I just needed some time to myself. The last few days have been a little crazy."

The priest realized very quickly that Vash wasn’t buying his empty smile. The sixty billion double dollar man walked over and pulled up a chair across the table from Wolfwood.

"It’s not just that though Wolfwood. You’ve been like this for the last four days. You’ve been like this sence-"

Vash paused, the soft expression on his face telling Wolfwood that he completely understood why he’d been so distressed.


The Minister in black, took another puff of his cigarette and made a feeble attempt at shrugging it off.

"It’s fine Tongari…"

The golden haired man shook his head once again.

"Nicholas… if it was fine, then you wouldn’t be like this."

Wolfwood put his cigarette out on the table and looked up at Vash.

"What do you want me to say Tongari? I lost one of my best friends. I watched him get killed right in front of me and there wasn’t a god-dammed thing I could do about it! I mean, what if that happens again? To that shorthaired insurance girl? Or her partner? Or even to you?"

Nicholas closed his eyes for a moment and forced himself to calm down.

"I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you Tongari… You mean everything to me."

Vash blinked in surprise as the tall gray-eyed man stood up.

"I’m sorry Vash.. I.. I just need some time to myself."

Vash’s aqua green eyes followed Wolfwood until he’d left the hotel room and shut the door behind him.

* * *

Wolfwood listened to the rocks of the sauna as they hiss as water was poured over them. Wearing only a small towel that was wrapped around his waist he sat down on one of the smooth wooden benches. He felt rather fortunate that this hotel had come with a sauna. Leaning back against the wall, Wolfwood glanced up at the ceiling. He hadn’t meant to snap at Vash like that and he was pretty sure that Vash understood. But it didn’t help the fact that Wolfwood was feeling rather guilty about dragging Tongari into his own problems like that. The poor man already had so much shit going on in his life, he didn’t need to know about Wolfwood’s personal problems as we-

The priest did a double take as Vash, still fully dressed walked into the sauna.


Vash looked at Wolf and smiled. "Isn’t it great that this hotel has a sauna? You can just stay here and relax. Take your mind of your troubles."

"Look… Vash.. about today-"

Vash shook his head.

"No no, it’s fine. I probably shouldn’t have been pestering you about it. You’re just stressed Wolfwood. I understand."

Vash walked to the door of the sauna room and turned the lock on it much to the priest’s surprise.


The spikey haired outlaw slowly slid off his red coat revealing his tight black outfit that he wore underneath that showed off his scar covered body. Vash let the coat fall to the floor. He calmly turned and walked casually towards a still rather surprised Wolfwood.

"What was that for?"

Vash’s cool calm looked switched to a look of embarrassment.

"Sorry, I just wanted to make sure no one walked in on us or anything." The taller man sweat dropped as Vash rubbed his hand behind his head.

The priest smiled, understand fully now what Vash had plans for. Standing up he walked over to Vash and softly kissed him. Vash kissed back, the two mens tongues playfully rolling around in eachother’s mouths. Wolfwood ran his hand through Vash’s dirty blond hair while he slowly started to unbuckle Vash’s outfit with his free hand. Vash, as usual allowed Wolfwood to remove his rather complex garment while at the same time kissing Wolfwood as the taste of tobacco lingered in his mouth. Finally, Wolfwood managed to unbuckle the last of Vash’s black leather outfight. It slid to the ground as easily as the coat had. The priest gently pulled off his own towel as well. Now the two men stood there, both completely naked. One was darkly tanned with well-built biceps. The second one had a much lighter complexion but his entire body was covered in scars. Sadly it was way too many to count.

Wolfwood began to start were he usually did as he started to run his hand down Vash’s lower backside. Suddenly he blinked in surprise as Vash rather ruffly, pushed him on the ground. The double dollar man crouched on top of him , while smiling a rather lopsided grin.

Wolfwood was about to say something but he was cut off as Vash’s tongue once again found it’s self inside the priest’s mouth. Normally Wolf, would have been very surprised at the idea of Vash being the more dominant of the two men. However, Vash was doing a pretty good job at it so far, so he forced himself to relax and allowed Vash to start kissing him lower down his neck.

"You’re pretty good at this Tongari…"

Vash continued to kiss downward to the dark haired man’s nipple.

"Heh.. I learned from the best."

Wolfwood gave a small sigh of pleasure as Vash started to lick the nipple until it slowly started to harden. He closed his eyes and felt Vash’s tongue as it licked around his navel. Suddenly Vash stopped and pulled his red coat over to were the two men were laying on the hard wood floor.

"Why’d you stop? You were doing pretty well."

Vash rummaged through the pockets of the coat and pulled out what looked like a small bottle of lotion. He squirted the lubricant onto his hand and slowly started to rub it on Wolfwood’s crouch. The priest sighed once more and gave a rather surprised yelp of pleasure as Vash started to squeeze Nicholas’s manhood. He moaned rather softly as Vash pulled his legs wider and started to rub the lubricant on the inside of Wolfwood’s buttocks. The gray-eyed man tried to speak but all that came out was a rather bad word as Vash started to massage the priest’s crouch even harder. Wolfwood tried again.

"T’tongari…. Ah… are you sh’sure you know Ah! What you’re d’d’" He tried to finish his sentence but was somewhat distracted as Vash put a finger to the darker man’s lips.

Slowly Vash raised the priest’s legs higher and leaned his own erect organ closer to Wolfwood’s body. The black haired man’s own penis became erect itself as the spikey haired man slowly eased it into Wolfwood. The priest gave a cry of pleasure and wrapped his legs around Vash’s waist as the humanoid typhoon started to thrust in and out of him. He tried to pull himself upwards but a strong hand of Vash’s shoved him back down again and he wrapped his leg’s tighter around Vash. He jerked his hips up playfully and pulling them down again. Not as frantically as he might have with other partners, but enough to give Vash somewhat of a challenge.

The sauna was still incredibly hot and both men weren’t making it any easier to stay cooler. Wolfwood cried out again and he felt beads of sweat slowly trickle off his face and onto the wooden surface of the sauna. Vash continued to pump his organ inside of Wolfwood as he closed his eyes as he slowly started to feel himself come. Wolfwood found himself yelling Vash’s name as Vash climaxed inside of him. Slowly, Vash eased it out and fell down besides Wolfwood who rolled over to the side as he ejaculated on the floor. Vash wrapped his arms around the dark haired priest as the two of them lay there, both rather worn out.

Finally Wolfwood laugh.

"Damn Tongari, I was impressed… but… I though I was your first"

Vash smiled and nodded. "I guess it was just from a lot of observation."

Wolfwood smirked. "You’re a fast learner Tongari… say, why were you randomly carrying lotion in your coat pocket?"

"Huh? What loti- oh… that…"

Wolfwood rolled his head over to the side and looked at Vash.

"What do you mean ‘that’? Are you telling me that wasn’t lotion?"



The golden haired man shrugged. "I still gotta put a little gel in my hair so that it can stick up the right way… I always carry it around just incase it goes limp."

Nicholas shook his head. "You’re a weird one Tongari… then again-"

Wolf quickly gave Vash a quick kiss on the lips.

"-probably why I love ya’ so."

The two men lay there stark naked in the warm sauna for a few more minutes and Wolfwood smiled as Vash tighten his grip on him and snuggled his head against his shoulder. Wolf closed his eyes briefly.

"I love you Tongari" he thought. "And I’ll never allow anything bad to ever happen to another one of my friends again… I admire you way too much and I can’t stand the thought of loosing you… I’ll always be with you ya’ crazy needle noggin."

Finally it hit Wolfwood.

"Eh’ Tongari… is hair gel safe to use for a lubricant?"