Hornfreak Chapter 2

NOTES: One: The comment on the web sites isn’t meant to insult anyone who’s put up a Legato web page. On the contrary, all the Legato web pages I’ve seen so far are all very nice. Two: This shouldn’t contain any major spoilers except for Legato’s fate in Trigun vol.3 and what happened with Wolf and Midvally in Maximum volume 4 Three: This probably has a few spelling and/or Grammar errors. Four: This is written as Satire (Meaning that it makes fun of stuff) and Stream of Conscious (Meaning that it goes off on things) Five: Yes, I know that I'm going back on fourth over whether Legato from the manga is folded in half or not. (They’re both so fun to write ;.;) Six: The whole talk on romanji spellings isn’t meant to truly insult anyone. Seven: The scene with Legato at the computer was Kachi’s idea

Enjoy, Feed back is appreciated.

Part 2

Midvally wasn’t always bored, he wasn’t always depressed either. Well…he probably was depressed, stress usually lead to depression. I mean, check out his work description: “Plays Saxophone that kills people, works with other crazy deadly people to kill lots of other people. Main goal, to kill Vash the Stampede” After a misunderstanding that involved Legato getting folded in half, the description was changed to: “Make Vash sad”. Ok, enough with the babbling. Basically it had began on yet another. “Legato lets the GhG’s kill some people and everyone got to introduce them selves”

*Flash Back Thingy*

They had been standing on top of some mesa-like area that look strongly like the pueblo’s that you’d find in New Mexico (Who want’s to guess where the author of this story grew up? ^^;)

“Dominique the Cyclops”
Dominique stood up, made some “Magical Girl” posse and stood there boardly
“Zazie the Beast”
“Shouldn’t it be Zajie?”
“The art book say’s Zazie”
“But there’s no "zi” in the Japanese language”
“But Zazie isn’t a Japanese word to begin with”
“It still should be “Zajie””
“I'm pretty sure its “Zazie”
“Its People like you who call her REM”
“But the art book says Rem”
“The Sound Track says Lem”
“Fine fine…ZaJIE the Beast”
Zazie- err…Zajie, did a summersault with a twist and posed next to Dominique
“Gray the Ninelives”
Gray made some obscure ballet pose that made everyone wonder how long he could hold it.
“Rai-Dei the Blade”
Rai-Dei waved his blade around like crazy accidentally cutting off his pants in the process and then spent the rest of the performance trying to pull them back up.
“Lenof the Puppet Master”
“Its pronounced Le-Wanf”
“Hoppard the Garnet”
“Its ‘Gantret”
“EG Mine”
“You forgot “the””
“Look would you guys cut me some slack here???”
Midvally flailed around for a few minutes till he calmed down.
“And myself, your every loyal Midvally the Hornfreak”
Midvally bowed deeply and pulled himself back up again causing his saxophone Sylvia to smack him in the face.
“Gah! #$# that hurt!!”
The Gung-Ho-Guns all stood there in their weird positions while Midvally ran around clutching his face in pain. Legato watched this with much amusement
“Chapel appears to be missing…” The group stood there for a while waiting for Chapel, till Gray lost his balance and fell over on Hoppard and EG.

*End Flash Back Thingy*

Midvally was ok, despite the huge bruise on his face. Unfortunately, Sylvia had a dent on her. Legato had sent Dominique to go fix it, but Midvally was with-out Sylvia for the rest of the day. Hence making him very depressed. He sat around in their small trailer that day watching what Legato did on his spare time.
Legato on his spare time was…interesting. He just sat there in his fan-boy T-shirt crouched over his laptop working on his shrine to “He who is Pointy and Likes Plants”. Midvally had yet to find a web page dedicated him self. He had however found plenty of Legato shrines. None of them very good either. Most of them went like this:
“I LiK LeGaTo HE iZ MI SxY BtCH!!!!! :) PlZ SiYn MY GuSt BoKK”
It took Midvally half an hour to actually read that and figure out what it meant. The rest of the site would often consist of a Guest Book and some Legato pictures that everyone and their Grandmother had seen (Assuming that their Grandmother had watched Trigun). Not to mention the midi’s that they had. The Web Creator had often fixed up the site so that anyone who saw it was blasted out of their seat with a WAY to high setting of a midi cleverly designed to play “Bluesummers”.
Midvally really need a raise, he wanted to save up some money and go on a nice vacation. Hell, maybe he could invite Wolfwood. He was sure that Wolf wasn’t TOO upset over the entire incident in Maximum Volume 4 where they beat each other senseless. End (Yeah..sad huh?)