Hornfreak (part one)

Midvally would often try to explain to people that, no, his shirt had not always been pink.
it use to be white, and a really nice white also. It was the whole “All white outfight” deal.
He found it to be very stylish.
Anyway, it was laundry night for him. Due to the fact that over 9
People where living at the place, Knives had made it a rule that everyone had their own personally day
to do their laundry. Being that he was the 13th of the Gung-Ho-Guns, Midvally was rather last in line.
Sure you could bribe early Gung-Ho-Guns to give you you’re turn, but Midvally was usually broke.
Most of his money usually went to fixing any dents that Sylvia got during after Zazie took it
and ran down the hall banging it along the walls.
Anyway, he’d been washing all white outfight, as luck would have it, Vash had come over
the Gung-Ho-Gun “Hideout” that day to use the washer also. It wasn’t even very good for a hideout;
the entire group lived in a doublewide trailer that came with a dugout for tornadoes. Zazie had
creatively painted in big letters, with red paint “GunHoGunz Privit Hid Out” (What did you expect? He’ 9 ?).
The only thing it did was attract more people from the IRS, this was probably a good thing, because
then Legato would let everyone go outside and slaughter them. So Vash had come over and casually
dropped his red coat into the same load that Midvally was washing that day. According to everyone
else, there had been a lot of screaming after Midvally had gone to put his cloths in the dryer.

It wasn’t like he could complain to Knives or Vash about it. The two of them freaked him
out, they weren’t even human. He’d tried explaining that fact to Legato a few times and all it got him
was Legato acting forcing him to act out a very painful version of the “Macaraina”. He was in pain for
days after that.
Unfortunately, he was too broke to get a matching shirt after that. He was able to get some new pants and a coat at a small 2nd had store, probably the same one that Milly Thompson got her pants at.
Sure he probably could have asked Legato for a raise. He’d tried that too. Unfortunately, the only reaction he usually got was Legato telling him along the lines of “You needn’t be so concerned with your income, the day is drawing nearer to soon when we will all be dead anyway.” Midvally usually backed away very slowly after that.