Hornfreak part 4

Editors Notes:
Spoilers for ep.17
A “Circle” is a group of people who get together and draw doujinshi (AKA fan comics)
A Lugar is a type of gun (The one Dominique uses)
Descriptions on what everyone sleeps in goes on here.
Midvally is based on his manga counterpart.
The authors apologies if you don’t get all the songs.
For the one Middie plays at the end remember back to your sesame street days.
I wrote this just in time for my birthday. (February 9th) I always figured Vash and Knives were Aquarius’s
(See my Trigun Horoscopes page for more info)
Happy Birthday to the author in the year 2001 for her 17th birthday and many more, may it be filled with love and peace.

Midvally the Hornfreak did not like Birthday Parties. Why? Probably because of the fact that most of the birthday parties he attended were for the Gung Ho Guns. The last birthday party he’d been to (Legatos) had ended with Rai-Dei the Blade dancing drunkenly around to “Who let the dogs out?”. None the less, he went to birthday parties anyway. This time he was at Knives and Vash’s birthday party (They’re twins remember?) and he’d gotten Knives the perfect gift to.
“Wow! Folded Legato action figure! Comes with Snap in Coffin and He-she-man coffin bearer! Thanks Middie!”
Knives happily showed his gift to everyone.
“Say Vash, what did you get?”
Vash tore open his present
“Normal Legato action figure! Comes with plastic hot dog and a plastic paper bag that aquieres blood when you dip it into warm water! Thank you Wolfwood!”.
Knives was an odd person to have a birthday with, then again, anyone who gets carrot cake for the birthday cake had to be weird. Of course, while Knives invited his friends (mainly the Gung-Ho-Guns). Vash also invited his friends (The insurance girls and Wolfwood).
“Alright Legato, what did you get me?”
Midvally hoped it was better then last year. Last year Legato had decided to give Knives “himself” and had walked in wearing nothing but a ribbon.
“I bring you….”
Legato all of a sudden jumped up dragging Vash with him, ran into another room and came back a second later with Vash who was wearing nothing but a ribbon.
“Vash the Stampede!”
“Umm….” Everyone sweat dropped.
“Thank you Legato…that was..thoughtful…”
Meryl had given Vash a gift certificate to dunken’dounuts (copyright), and Milly had given Vash the “Sound Life” single. Knives before all of this, had given Vash donut PJ’s while Vash had given Knives butterfly pajamas.
After everyone had exchanged gifts (And Vash had gotten his extremely complex outfight back on)
Knives brought in 20 kegs of beer and gave made everyone give him their keys.
(Remember Kids, Knives might be an evil sociopath, but he doesn’t believe drunk driving)
Midvally did the only rational thing he knew how to do in extremely stressful situations.
He drank.
He then walked around the place trying to hit on the only 3 well-known females the series had to offer.
None of it was going so well.
Dominique had put her lugar up his nose, Milly was too busy dancing to “Happy Boys and Girls”, and his attempts at picking up Meryl wasn’t working either.
“Come on…. According to the Tokeikan Circle we’d go great together…”
The last thing he saw was a white shoe coming towards him.
He woke up a few seconds later only to be run over by Legato who was running around in his boxers with a big “G” painted on his chest going “Wooo!!!!!!”
“And this is the guy who signs your pay checks?”
Midvally looked up to see Wolfwood, who was holding a cup of beer and smoking. Midvally would have said something but a clump of ash’s had fallen on his shirt and he was rolling around on the floor trying to put it out while screaming “It hurts…it hurts…”
After that embarrassing incident, Midvally got up and made conversation with Wolfwood.
Wolfwood in return made conversation back.
Then they both ran out of conversation to make
“Err…I’ll go get you another beer”
Midvally walked over to the keg where Knives was sobbing out his problems to a very confused Zazie.
“…And then, I tried to cut my hair the same way also…*sniffle* and it didn’t come out right! I looked like some 80’s rock star! Rem always loved Vash more then she loved me *Sob*, I’ve felt so neglected all my life…I think I kill because it makes me feel superior…*sniffle* I have no self confidence!”
Knives burst into tears and started to cry on a now very freaked out Zazie.
Midvally slowly sneaked back with more beer for him and Wolf.
Just then they where interrupted buy a drunk Legato who commented “Champagne makes me…gigglely..teehee…” before passing out in front of them.
“Hey Middie!” Dominique yelled
“Play something for us!”
Midvally, now far too drunk to object, grabbed Sylvia and happily jumped up on the table, knocking over the chips and started to play the infamous “Put down the ducky (if you wanna play the saxophone)”. It was only a few minutes afterwards that Wolf started to drunkenly dance around shirtless with a drunken Vash complete with tie slurring “Go Urufudo!”.

Midvally woke up the next morning on the couch with a headache and a sleeping Wolf next to him.
After managing to pick up the phone to call the local fish and game who then came and took the wolf to the wild-life reservation, he stumbled over to Wolfwood who was clutching one of his clogs like it was a stuff animal.
Legato then walked in wearing a bathrobe and a pair of bunny slippers, his hair that usually covered his face, was sticking straight up.
“Midvally…what are you doing here?”
“Err… I live here..”
Legato then walked over to the kitchen were he proceeded to swallow a bottle of aspirin. He pulled out another bottle that was snatched away by Milly that was then snatched by Meryl.
Midvally watched as the three of them battled over it.
Wolfwood had just woken up..
“What the hell happened? My head hurts…”
(This is where the author declines from making the infamous “That’s not all that hurts” joke ^^;)
“Good Morning Everyone!” A WAY to cheerful Knives bounded into the room wearing his butterfly pjs. “Did everyone sleep well? I hope so! I’m gonna make some nice Blueberry pancakes and bacon!” He happily steeped over the wresting Legato, Merly and Milly. “Oh, cute boxers Middie”
Midvally had fallen asleep in a white tang-top and black boxers with little saxophones on them.
Wolf started to laugh. (He was wearing black vinyl pants) “Oy Vash,” he nudged a sleeping Vash who had his Donut PJ’s. “Lets get some breakfast” He motioned to Midvally. “Come on..”
The three of them walked into the kitchen were Legato was trying lick scrambled lard off of the pan that Knives was cooking bacon on. --End!