Here we are, my hosted works of art. Feal free to look around and if you feal like sending somthing in don't hesitate to ask

Thanks to Erinn Lineback for title art

becky's works
Works by my friend Becky, (she is so friggen talented ^^;)

teehee... Waii!! Becky did this upon request and I love it. (Note: This is mild shonen ai, nothing graphic, just hugging)
Note to self: Re-scanMeri-chan Caught Legato!
Kuroneko-sama no ashi.. Some really cute Kuroneko sketches
Donuts are the key to catching Vash Meri-chan caught Vash!

Legato, can't you at least chew with your mouth closed? Funny Middie and Legato pic
 Sariaru Ryuuzaku's works
Works from Sariaru Ryuuzaku who ironically owns a webpage called Gunpowder Tea also ^^; (Check it out over in links)

She has her own style that's really great to look at Vash with his hair down *cute^^*
Don't you just love fan-art made for the holidays? Then again, who wouldn't want Vash for Christmas?
Urufudo no Tenshi I put this one up on my update page also^^)
I love how the flower petals were drawn on this.. Gah!!! I can't belive I forgot to put this one up !! *flails* Im sorry! Im sorry! (This is a really beautiful picture also)
Others works
Works of other people who've only sent in one thing or so ^^;

Thanks to Jackie for the picture Jackie from Japanese Class drew this one. Really nice with a great color sence.
Thanks to Jerrett for the picture Jerrett's Trigun-esc picture

Iz so cuuuutteee^^ Gwen's birthday present to me I love this! 'specaily with Trigun chibis

Yay! Josh drew this on my birthday card

Mid-bunny! It's a gift from Sumire and I love it! (pss..go to her page..)

Liz drew this to go with my "Trigun Fandom" story ^^

A new spin on that orignal Trigun picture done by Wolfy-chan. (God isn't her stuff good?)

Purdy Wolf with sunset. Me like.

Winged Vash, this one's purdy too.

And yes, the poem is hers too.

More wonderfully Midvallious drawings. This one from Wolfy-chan again.

Wanna let Vash take you back? And he even came with Kuroneko
The stuff here is not mine. I am mearly hosting it for other talented artist who love Trigun (With their permision of course ^^;). Please do not take these images with out mine or their permision. Oukini!