Welcome to my link page, this page consists of other good Trigun sites to go to as well as a banner for this site. Enjoy kay?

Here's a my banner for Gunpowder Tea, feal free to link away and if you tell me, I'll be even more happier. Just link to http://meri-chan.tripod.com/trigun.html As for me linking you, sure thing. The only requirement is that it has to be a Trigun page OR have Trigun related material (like fan art.. fan fics..ect..) (If you have a banner to go with it, even better)

And here are all the nifty places to go

Well..seeing as to how Kachi and me are good mIRC friends..(or somthing like that ^^;) Her site goes first. It comes with a message bord, a caption contest, sound clips, wallpaper and the infamouse Knives/Sting conspirciy. (Not to mention it has a great name ^^;)

I just had to link this one. I LOVE Happy Donut Land! You get to adopt little chibi trigun characters and take them home. Go there today and help a Chibi Legato get all the hotdogs he wants. ^^

Buy mostly chance, it turns out that someone ealse owns a Gunpowder Tea site also. ^^; but its a really nice site with a great lay out, galley's, some writtings and lots o' good fan art. ( And Sariaru's a really cool person also ^^) Go check it out.

The web misstress of this site is acutally the translator of the offical Pioneer release of Trigun, so it has lots of nice stuff. (she's pretty nice too)

Teehee! Im pretty sure Im the first person to post this link. This is Bluesummers page. Its really well done and Blue has THE sharpest sence of humor. (His stuff is hillarious)

This site is great. It has lots of screen caps, some writtings and Taylor's comments on the screen captions are great ::He's a PIMP I tell ya'! A PIMP!:: (You need to see it to understand ^^;)

Cinders and Smoke This has to be the best Wolfwood page I've seen. The creator has alot of good info on everyone's favorite chain-smokein' preist. She also introduced me to the kick-ass song "Thompson Girl". My only major complaint was that I couldn't find her email adress on the site, so I couldn't tell her that I was linking this page.

I love this site. Sumire (the page's creator) acutally lives in Japan, so her page is chalk full of lots of translated trigun goodies, including the translatations of the still running "Trigun Maximum"

Woo!!! Let's here it for the shrine to everyone's favorite insurance girls! This page is chalk full of good info on the two girls, along with plenty of good pictures.

this page is pretty basic, but Gwen has some REALLY well-written pieces of liturature on this page and we all need more Trigun fan fiction don't we? *GO THERE*

That's why I have this Confessional!!! No, seriously folks, this is Gwen's shrine to the potible confesional. (I give it lots of points for origanality ^^)

Yay! Trigun fan fic that continues after the TV Series. (Took 'em long enough >P) This is just cool. (Spoilerific thou')

Honoary Trigun Links

This is for places that don't have offical Trigun pages, but seam to have a lot of good Trigun stuff.

White Cats World. She's written some of the best Trigun fan fiction I've read in somtime. I was her lucky number actually and she even wrote a story for me (Check out "Live Forever" if you go there ^.-)

Ok, I know most of these links are Trigun ones, but Mr.FacelessEvil-san is such a damn good writter that I had to make his page an "Honorary Link" (Lots of yaoi just so everyone knows ^^)

Yes! Another Yaoi link! Don't worry thou' Jax has some REALLY good Trigun fan art here. Enter if you dare.. dun.. dun.. dun...*god.. I'm tired ^^:*

Ciel Fong's lovly little place of lovely little Trigun fan art. *waves flag*

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