Legato Plushie, A summery

Well, I turned 17 last week and guess what I got.... Cue scary music..

A Legato Plushie! AAA!!! IZ SO CUTE!! Isn't it cool? It's home made (so you can't buy it in stores) but its very well done, and look, it's articulated to do kung-fu action! Hi-Ya!

Unfortunetly all it likes to do is eat Err..just pretend its a hotdog..


Coco Krispies! Many thanks to Becky who took the time to make this wonderful doll. I love it.
Knowing the growing rate of Legato fan-girls (and boys) out there, you may feal free to use these pictures for your page. However, you MUST tell me that you're going to use them, AND you must credit me. Other then that, be my guest and have fun. Wanna go back?