Love Triper, by the circle K-addict, a review


Editor’s notes: Thanks to Prairie for selling me this and D for helping me translate parts of it.
This is Shonen-ai, so if you don’t want to see and/or read about guy-guy relationships, don’t read.
Spoilers for Trigun manga chapter 33 I take no credit in creating this doujinshi OR trigun. This is why I’m not going to be scanning the whole
thing. I’m just giving you summaries. The cover and a few clips that I thought were cute.
scaned pictures are rather large ^^;

Ok...basic summery (as far as I can figure out..I only know about 70 kanji)

Summery: Vash and Knives are in bed, (We all know what they just did *winkwink*) I’m guessing its before July 'cause Vash doesn’t have any scars on him. They're talking and Vash says something to worry Knives. Vash then hugs Knives and says he's sorry. Knives keeps acting like he's gonna kiss Vash, but he doesn’t, they talk and Vash falls asleep. (Awww..)
Then there's some writings (Might be a shoshetsu, (fan fic) but I’m not sure)
Next Part: Midvally wakes up in bed, Vash is there, (he has a towel on him so I figure he just was in the shower or something) Midvally is bandaged up also. This parts rather funny 'cause his blouse is open and he keeps trying to close it like the way a girl would. ^^;
Vash stick his head of the door and calls for Wolfwood. Midvally looks shocked and comments "Omae... Bashu ze sutamupedo ka?" (AKA "You're...Vash the Stampede?"). Wolf walks in commenting "Morning'". He sits down on Midvally's bed, talks a lot (go away icky kanji ;.;) and smokes.
Wolfwood then gets up and leaves. Midvally then has a dream involving what I think might be his death in the manga. and Legato grinning evilly. (This might be one of those "What if Midvally didn't die?" stories but I could be wrong so bear with me.) Midvally wakes up with a start, realizes it was a dream, and looks over to see Wolfwood sitting at the table smoking (he does this a lot ^^;) Wolf pours Midvally a glass of water. Midvally ask "Nani (yay, I can read that kanji) shi te ru?" "What are you doing?". and they talk some more. Wolfwood hugs Midvally commenting "Anta puraido takai sugi ya" (IE. "You have a lot of Pride" He kisses Midvally on the forehead (awww...^^) and the scene switches to him lying in bed next to Midvally. (They both are still dressed but Wolf is only wearing his blouse now )More talk, Midvally tries to get out of bed but he falls down and Wolf goes SD and yells at him ^^;. Then Wolf picks him up and puts him back in bed. (Midvally's expression is really cute ^^)

Then they kiss. (Awww..)
The next morning..(well..I think it’s the next morning anyway..^^;) Vash shows up in Midvally's room again. (He brought Middie breakfast ^^) Vash comments "So..about Wolfwood" and the two of them talk about Wolf. (Lots of kanji durring all of this and the sad part is I know a lot of them but they're always a whole bunch in the middle that I don't know ;.;) Vash recalls how Knives made his angle arm go off and thinks of Knives. THEN Vash grabs Midvally and kisses him. (Once again Midvally has a great look on his face). They break off and Midavlly looks like he's about to cry. Vash smiles kisses him on the forehead and apologizes. He then goes SD and hugs Midvally. More talk, Vash comments "Later" and leaves. (more times probably passed here) Wolfwood comes back (Vash: Okaeri "Welcome Back") He and Vash talk. Scene then changes to him and Midvally talking. Midvally and Wolf smoke. this page shows a panel of Vash talking, one of Wolf talking, one of Middie talking and one of Vash talking. Now Wolf and Midvally still talk. Wolf says "Dame" or "no good" "don't" something like that, but I have no idea what he's talking about. There's more Midvally talking and it ends with Wolf commenting "You're being a brat"
Well..Hope you like it, I hope to scan some of it later on for you. Enjoy and thanks to Kachi to help me translate it

The scans of this doujinshi are not mine, I am using them with out permission, however I did scan them myself so please ask if you want to use them. ^^; Please do not use them with out crediting the circle that did them as well. (‘cause plagiarism is a no-no)
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