The Lucky Number
If you were wondering, he's saying 'Nyao' Ok, basically I decided to do what’s known as a “Lucky Number” routine. Basically it goes like this: I chose a number that’s gonna come up on my counter and whoever is lucky number (insert number here) gets a drawing from me. All you need to do if you’re a Lucky Number is save the counter number, and email me the attachment of it along with your request. However, you need to understand that I’m still an amateur artist, I have some things I’ll draw and something’s I won’t and things that if you were to request them, you’d have a harder time getting them. So here’s a basic list of what I will and won’t draw: (yeah, I’m picky ^^;)
1. I'm open with all characters doing all sorts of things. Thou' I should remind you that the more complex it is, the longer it wil probably take me to draw it ^^;
2. I will draw couples romantically. However I won’t draw anything too graphic/hentai. So no drawings of two characters engaging in hot monkey love kay’? That’s pretty much all the things you need to worry about. If you request something that I haven’t mentioned on this list and I realize that there’s no way in hell I can do that, then I’ll simply tell you and you can request something else. Enjoy kay?

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