Night Moves
WARNING: This is a yaoi lemon story. If you don't know what that is don't read.
If you know what yaoi lemon is but you just don't like this stuff, don't read.
Story takes place manga-wise. In between Trigun vol.3 and TriMax vol.1

“Nick Niichan!”

Nicholas D Wolfwood turned around to see 5 children running towards him.
“Now what are you kids doing here? I said goodbye to everyone last night”. The oldest boy, only eleven stopped short a few feet of Wolfwood with the four younger children in tow. “We wanted to see you off.” The city of December’s bus station was rather crowded for Friday morning and people had already started to board the bus heading for September. Wolf grinned at the children. “Well that’s awfully nice of you kids but the Sisters are gonna be upset at you for leaving.”
Adam, a skinny nine-year-old with thick glasses smiled. “Sister Elise sent us. She said to give you this” He handed Wolfwood an envelope that was addressed to him.
“ return address..” Wolfwood then realized the handwriting was very familiar. Before he could open the letter however, he found that the youngest child, Susan was clutching to his leg. “Nick Niichan…please don’t leave…”
Wolfwood knelt down so that he was eye to eye with the little girl. “Hey..It’s ok. I’ll come back. I always come back to you kids. You’re a big girl now Susan, you’re four years old. So I want you to be strong, ok?” Susan sniffled but she nodded.
“Good Girl”
“When you come back can we have party?”
Wolfwood looked up at the freckled-faced girl who’d asked him that. “Sure we can Elli. It’ll be just like last time. We’ll have cake and tell stories, and maybe Sister Jasmine will play her guitar for us and we’ll have a sing along.”
“But Niichan, you can’t sing”
Wolf put his finger to his lips “Shh…Don’t tell anyone”
The children giggled.
“Okay… group hug!”
The small group of kids happily pounced on the young priest.
“Gah..too many of you!” Wolf laughed and prided the children off of him. “Alright…Susan…Camden…Elli ..Adam…who else am I forgetting…hmmm…” Wolfwood put a mock serious expression on his face.
A little girl with short red hair giggled slowly raised his hand. “Ah! Hillary! Woops, sorry about that”
Hillary giggled some more.
Wolfwood put the letter in his pocket and gathered his duffel bag and large cross. “You’re all getting so big, when I come back you’ll probably be able to carry this thing just as easily as I can.” Wolfwood once again turned towards the oldest boy. “Camden, you keep an eye on everyone. Make sure they all get enough dessert. Got that?”
Wolfwood climbed aboard the bus and sat down looking out the window. He gave one last wave to the children and watched as they ran for as long as they could after the bus until they finally stopped and watched it drive off in the cloud of dust.
Wolfwood hadn’t wanted to leave. After the Fifth Moon incident, he’d laid low and gone back to his main job working at the orphanage. He’d been extremely happy until he’d gotten new instructions.
Top Ones
They’d come from Knives.
“I want you to find him, and bring him back alive.”
Him. Vash the Stampede. The legendary Six Billion double dollar man. The one who was said to have made a whole in the moon. A living legend. But he was not a legend. He was very real. Wolfwood had met him, and watch with his own eyes as a large crater in the moon had been formed by the man’s inhuman arm.

And it was up to him, Nicholas D Wolfwood, to find him and bring him back to his brother. It had been almost two years, but to Wolfwood the memory of meeting him was as clear as yesterday.
He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay with the children. But it was his job, he was Chapel of the gung-ho Guns. He always had to leave. And he always said the same thing to the children.
“I’ll come back.”
And so far he had, and every time he came back it was like walking into Heaven its self. The children would run out happily. Hug him. Tell him they missed him. Tell him what they had been doing while he was gone. And he’d hug them back, and bring them souvenirs if he had any with him. He didn’t tell them about the people he’d killed. Or the bloodstains that were on his hands. He told them other things. About the sights he’d seen. Or the people he’d meet. He wasn’t Chapel then. Only Nicholas D Wolfwood. A young priest trying to support the small orphanage that he ran. He never wanted any more children to suffer, and he always figured this was the best way he could do it.
Finally he pulled out the letter that he’d been given and opened it. Written in nicely printed handwriting was the following.
September City, Atlas Bar.
Thought we should catch up on old times.

Wolfwood smiled and put the letter back into his pocket.
“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” he said softly to himself.

Wolfwood entered the crowded and tobacco reeking bar sometime the next day. Wolfwood sat down at the bar and lit a cigarette as the bar tender approached him.
“What can I get you son?:
“Just a beer”
“Well, we have lots of different name brands here, I’m afraid you’ll need to be more specific.”
“Okay, get me a…”
Just then he was distracted by a farmiller sound that he hadn’t heard in a while. It was the song of a saxophone being played. Wolf jerked his head up and looked over to the stage were a man just a little older then Wolf was playing a farmiller base saxophone. The man had dark brown hair and wore a khaki suit with a pink blouse. (Though he’d always insisted that it was “Pastel-ish Red”). The man finished off his song and bowed.
“Hey! Midvalley!”
The musician looked up. “Chapel?”
Midvalley hoped off the platform and walked over to Wolfwood
“Hey, You showed!” The two of them gave each other a friendly hug.
Midvalley laughed. “God its been what? Two years?”
“’Bout one and a half”
“God, I’m glad you showed up…Hey Bartender! Get us some bourbon! This man here’s a friend of mine!”
Midvalley sat down on a barstool next to Wolf. “So, how’s life been?”
“Pretty good, I went back to the orphanage for a while, it’s been nice. What about you?”
“Mostly I just take music gigs when I can.”
Midvalley drank a shot.
“To tell you the truth, we’ve been laying pretty low ever sense you-know-what happened”
Wolfwood drank a shot as well. “So, how’d you know I’d be here, and why did you wanna meet me?”
“Rumors spread., I’ve heard that you’re going to be looking for him. I figured you and me needed to go on one last night on the town before you’re back in action.” Wolf pored himself another shot. “Sounds like a plan.”
“Hey Middie.”
The musician and the priest both looked up to see two pretty young women with dark brunet hair.
“Who’s your friend?”
Midvalley smiled. “Ah ladies, this is my good friend Chapel.”
Wolf laughed. “You can just call me Wolfwood.”
The first girl laughed “So are you a musician like Middie here?”
“Nope, I’m a Priest”
The second girl gave a mock pout. “Aww… well that ain’t no fun..”
Wolf winked at one of the girls. “Never said I was that kind of priest now did I?”
Both girls giggled. “He’s cute Middie, almost as cute as you are.”
Midvalley smirked. “You have no idea…Say can I get you two girls drinks?”
“Aww.. sorry Middie, but we’re busy tonight.”
The second one stroked Wolf’s hair “Maybe some other time… we’ll see you around…Wolf.”
Midvalley watched as the two girls walked off and nudged Wolfwood “Eh? Eh? Wha da’ ya’ think?”
Wolf smirked. “Cute but not entirely in my taste. I go for lighter hair useally. Blondes most of the time.”
“You don’t really believe that whole ‘blondes have more fun’ do you?”
“Nah, I just think they’re cute.”
Midvalley finished of the last of the bourbon. “Hey! I have idea, let’s take some upstairs! I have a room here!”
“You and your hotel rooms. I remember what we did the last time we rented a hotel room…”
“Oh come on. What? You’d rather do it on the staircase? Jeez..”
“Fine… get some vodka this time also.”

“Heh heh! And then, the other guy says ‘No! That’s the Female!’”
Midvalley just starred at Wolfwood. “That makes no sense what-so-ever”
“Heh sorry…I probably messed up on it…”
Wolfwood poured another glass of vodka.
"Here’s to my wild and crazy goose hunt!”
Wolf drank the shot in one gulp.
Midvalley sighed.
“Has it really been over a year? Feels like we’ve been doing this forever..”
“Sure does..”
Wolf paused. “I missed it though. The drinking, the women…the craziness of it all…
this was a great idea. Thanks”
“Hey, no problem. I was getting tired of just hanging with the two brunets down there.”
“I missed you too you know…”
Wolf was quiet for a moment.
Wolf stood up. “I gotta piss here…”
Wolf drunkenly stood up and stumbled towards the bathroom.
Wolf came back a few minutes later to find the lights off and Midvalley casually sitting back wards in his chair and pointing a handgun at Wolfwood.
“Take them off…”

Wolf blinked in surprise. “Wha-“
Midvalley clicked the handgun. “You heard me..”
Wolf started to unbutton his coat.
“No..take your shoes off first..”
Wolf sighed and pulled of his shoes and soaks as well.
“Okay good…”
Wolf pulled off his jacket and unbuttoned his white blouse. He pulled it off revealing some nicely toned biceps.
“You’ve been working’ out?”
“I carry that cross around. I don’t need too..”
Midvalley laughed. “Ok, pants next..”
Wolfwood who had now turned rather red pulled of his black pants making him wearing nothing but his boxers. He stood there awkwardly.
“Hey. Did I say you could stop?”
Wolfwood removed his final article of clothing and stood there naked as the light from the moon out side shined on him.
Midvalley laughed. “Damn, that was fun. I’ve always wanted to do that.”
Wolfwood starred at him. “Fun? This is friggen embarrassing, that and its getting a little cold here.”
Midvalley set down his gun and walked over towards Wolfwood. He kissed him on the mouth hard.
He kissed back. Midvalley ran his fingers through Wolf’s black hair, rubbing his other hand slowing down Wolf’s back. He then shoved him on to the bed and pressed his body of top of him pulling off his own jacket and blouse as he did so. Midvalley leaned down kissing him along the neck moving up slowly to the priest’s mouth. Wolfwood grabbed the Midvalley and slipped his own tongue into the musician’s mouth. Midvalley moved his hand lower along Wolfwood’s body till he reached the groin area. Slowly he rubbed his hand along it. Wolfwood moaned. “Damn that feels good…”
Midvalley kissed him again, “That was the idea..” He started to kiss him on the chest, down to the priest’s navel, which he licked softly, while at the same time, still stroking Wolfwood’s groin. Wolf breathed heavily, his entire body hardening. The musician undid the belt the held up his own pants, letting them slid below his hips. Wolfwood tried to pull up, but he pushed him down again and grabbed Wolf’s hips rubbing his own man hood against it. With that, he slowly eased it in side of the priest. Wolf gave a small cry of pain and gritted his teeth.
“I’ll stop if you want”
He shook his head. “No…this is good..”
The musician pulled his partners thighs apart, slowly thrusting it deeper in to him. Wolf gave another groan. “Ah..God!”
He thrusted again, this time harder. He cried out again, only this time it came as a more pleasurable noise.
He moved his hands up and down Wolf’s body feeling his well-toned muscles. He moved them down to Wolf’s pelvis feeling the scared skin of were a gun had blasted away his flesh. Wolf tried to pull himself up, brushing his hands along Midvalley’s chest and down his hips. He pushed Wolf back down and shifted his position so that he was learning directly over Wolf. He slowly ran his hands down Wolfwood’s inner thigh. He felt him wrapped his arms around him, and slowly lowered them down to the his buttocks. He felt him run his hands along down till he reached the back of his thighs. Midvalley grabbed Wolf’s legs and pulled them up higher still thrusting even more aggressively into Wolf. The priest's muscles tightened even more as he bit his lip to keep from yelling out. Beads of sweat had started to appear on both of them and their breathing had become much more intense.
Finally Midvalley gave a small groan and ejaculated inside of Wolfwood. He pulled out and fell next to Wolfwood breathing heavily.
The priest gave a small laugh. “Shit that was great…you look more exhausted then I do.”
Midvalley reached over to the bed stand and pulled two cigarettes out of their carton. He stuck both of them in his mouth, lit them and handed one to Wolf.
“You still do that huh?” Midvalley inhaled and let out a breath of smoke. “I’ve always done that…So.. wanna go at it again?”
Wolfwood leaned back against the pillows. “Nah, you were working over time there…”
“Well…you could be top if you wanted…”
“Nah, that took a lot out of me too..”
Midvalley finished his cigarette and put it out in the tray on the bed stand. “Still..that was great.”
Wolf handed Midvalley his own cigarette to put out as well. “Yeah… you always did have the best ideas.”
He rolled over and kissed Midvalley on the check. “Thanks.”
Midvalley shrugged, “No problem, it was just my little farewell party to you.”
Wolf looked at him. “Don’t be silly, I’ll tell you the same thing I always tell the kids at the orphanage.. I’ll come back. I’ll see you again. Hell, maybe we can even have another one of these ‘parties’”
Midvalley grinned. “I like that idea.”
Midvalley yawned and snuggled next to Wolf.
“Night Chapel”
“I told you, call me Wolfwood”
Midvalley turned over so his back was facing Wolfwood.
“Sure thing Chapel.”
Wolfwood woke up around six in the morning. He noticed that Midvalley was still asleep with his head on Wolfwood’s chest. Wolf never got why he did this. He got up, got dressed, gathered his things and headed for the bus station. He didn’t feel like saying goodbye to Midvalley. He knew he’d be seeing the musician again and didn’t feel like saying any more good-byes. He needed to find Vash. He settled down on the bus and watch as the small town behind him vanished in the cloud of dust that the bus had left.
“I’ll come back….”