Meri-chan's Otakon On Friday Part 2 even thou' it's short thing!

And now the obligatory Sailor StarLights pic!

“Ask us to sing “Search for your love”, and we’ll kill you”.
Other then that they were very nice.

After another “Ah! You’ve heard of us!” conversation with the “One Piece” Cosplayers

(Not to mention buying a ton of stuff at the dealers room.)
We went back to the hotel and changed into our schoolgirl costumes. (Well ‘cept for John who doesn’t wear a skirt on a regular basis).
We had dinner the mall and headed off for the dance room.

BUT not before find a Hiko (Ruroni Kenshin) cosplayer.

“-hic- I’m tryin’ to find ma’ group… They didn’t trust ole’ Hiko with the hotel room key, no sir…. –hic-“.
I’m just hoping that was suppose to be in character. ^^;

And then we danced to bad re-mixes of the “Speed Racer” theme song, while crazy fan girls tried to molest Wolfwood’s cross.
Then we found a deranged Frank Marlon cosplayer who look a liking to our Vash. Then we realized that it wasn’t a Frank Marlon cosplayer and left very very fast.

The rest of the night consisted of music videos. Some wonderful. (“Mummers Dance” to Miyazaki films,)
Some weird (Frank and Dweezel’s cover of “Hit me” to Utena).
Some hilarious (“Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot” to El Harzard.)
And some that just don’t work (Hard Rock Ballads to “X/1999”).
It was all good and fun, but you know when I call out “I do!” during Queen’s “Who wants to live forever?”. That it needs more improvement.

Then we all went to bed at 2 AM. >P