Meri's really cool Otakon report thing!

Wow, my first con. My convention of meeting other anti-social nerds much like myself. I had a blast so I figure I should give you a summery of the whole thing. This summery is full of pictures, but I’ve also used some screen caps for visual aid. (Thanks "Up in Smoke") Some are on this page and others are click for links ones. btw.


I got up at like… 5:45 in the morning and went to the airport to catch a plane to Denver CO.
While at the aiport I found many intresting things such as a stature of John L. Swigurt Jr. of the Apollo XIII

and an Itza bowl! Was it a bowl? Or just a round plate? The world may never know.

After a REALLY long flight to Baltimore, I walked out of the terminal only to find John “Bluesumers” of the Fifth Moon fame. Happy to see my long time online friend, our reunion looked kinda like this

“Get it off! Get IT Off!”.

After words we made our way to the Days Inn hotel (with John’s dad) to meet the rest of the group.

In the not to distant past now
Around August, 2001
A group of really freaky kids planed to have some fun.
They dicided to go to Otakon.
The airplane flight was really long.
Full of fanboys nerds and geeks.
All of are just a bunch of crazy freaks!
We’ll go to the convention.
And have a really good time
La la la!
And lets just ignore the fact that we’ll have some really long lines
La la la!
Now keep in mind we can’t control when the con would start and end.
La la la!
But we all got along
With all our crazy friends!

MarsMars! “Woo hoo!”

D! “WAZUPP??” Anne! “Hi Nezu!”

Emma! “Love ME!”

Johnnnnnn “But, I’m a guy”

“Just humor us hon”

If you’re wondering how ate so well, with that expensive tax
La la la!
Just remember that gronola bars make really good snacks!
For Otakon Anime Theator 2001~

Onwards to our adventures of Friday!