Prickly (Go working title! Go!)

Nicholas D Wolfwood hadn’t been in such an embarrassing position in some time. His pants and shirt were off; he was lying stomach first on the hotel bed and Vash the Stampede was sitting on top of him.

Trying to pulls cactus needles out of him.

“AH! Tongari, would you please be more-AH! Careful?”


Vash the Stampede glanced up, a pair of tweezers in hand. “Sorry, but there’s no other way to take them out.”

“This is all your fault you know that! If you hadn’t fired your gun at me five times!”
“I was trying to scare away that rattle snake that was near you”
“You didn’t even hit it! All it did was cause me to jump out of the way and fall down that hill into that bed of cactus!”
“Well, I wasn’t gonna kill it! After all..”
Vash did his “Crossed peace” sign. “The world is made of LOVE AND PEACE!”
Vash looked at Wolf sincerely. “I just wanted to scare it away.”
Wolfwood buried his face in the pillow and gave out another yell of pain.

Milly Thompson meanwhile had stopped by Wolf and Vash’s room justs in time to hear the following conversation.

“Do you have to jerk out so hard like that!”
“Well if I do it slower it will hurt more!”
“Well, it already does hurt incase you haven’t noticed!”
“Maybe this would be easier if we took of your boxers.”
“Forget it”

“Umm…excuse me?”

Wolf turned around to see a rather perplexed Milly standing in the doorway.
Vash waved to Milly who happily waved back.
Wolf gave Milly a blank stair.
“What are you doing here?”

“Huh? Oh!” Milly happily entered the room holding up a bottle of liquor. “You asked me to bring this for you Mr. Wolfwood. Something about killing the pain…”

“Oh..that…thanks hon… if you could just stick a straw in it…poor the whole thing into my mouth.. that would be wonderfu-“

Wolf blinked as Meryl suddenly appeared and took the bottle from Milly.
“Milly, we were saving this for dinner tonight!”
“But..Senpai. it’s for Mr. Wolfwood.”
“Well, it’s his own fault for being so reckless in the first place… honestly.. walking over to a rattlesnakes nest just to get some eggs… and you!” Meryl glared at Vash. “Shooting at them! Gah! I swear the two of you are just impossible to keep an eye on, it’s like taking care of two kids!”

Meryl stormed out the door muttering about extra paper work. Milly turned to Wolfwood. “I’m sorry Mr. Wolfwood, I’ll try to get something else for you…” her face brightened. “I know! I’ll get some tea for you! That always makes everyone feel better!”

Wolf sighed “It’s ok… it’s not that ba- AH! Ok! Ok! Just try to sneak that liquor back when your superior isn’t looking!”

Milly rushed out of the room nodding.

“Ah!” Wolfwood turned his up to look at Vash. “How much longer do you have-AH! Left?”

“Well… I have most of the lower torso done..” Vash gave a happy smile. “That just means I have to finish your upper back thigh and rear”

Wolfwood gave a weird combination between a sob and a sigh.