Trigun Writings

Ok, I finally relised that my fanfic collection was getting pretty big so I figured I should just make my own section for it. It's pretty much my own stuff, though and if anyone ealse wants to submit somthing, feal free. (My only standerd is that I have to like it >p). Have fun!

Like it says.. My little story about life in the Gung-Ho-Guns from Midvalley's point of view (expect chaos to ensure) Parody. G
Chapter 2 More crazy adventures and we learn what Legato does in his spare time.Parody G
Chapter 3 Road trips, fairs and lots of Midvalley/Wolfwood goodness..Parody PG For the Midvalley/Wolfwood talk
Chapter 4 Trigun action figures, idle talk of drunks and sleep overs ensure as Midvalley celebrates Knives and Vash's birthday. (Dedicted to myself for my 17th birthday) Parody G

Look How They Shine A sweet story about Vash, Rem and some Wolfwood too. ^^ Drama G

The Song that Retold Everything A shonen-ai (That means "boy love") story about Midvalley and his time with Wolfwood. (contains shonen-ai and spoilers) General PG-13 For Shonen-Ai and Violance

Night Moves Wolf spends some time with Midvalley before he heads off to find Vash (Lemon yaoi, *my first acutally* ^^;) Drama and PWP NC-17 For REALLY obvious reasons --;

It's Probably Me A sweet and often humoras Vash and Wolf story. (shonen-ai once again ^^;) General PG for Shonen-Ai stuff

Fortress A dark and sad shonen-ai fic from Legato's point of view. Drama R For Lime

Trigun Fandom Trigun Style Welcome to the wacky world of Trigun fandom... from the casts point of view. Parody PG for talks of yaoi and tentical rape

Heaven and Hell. My own personal Midvalley story.
Chapter one So what's Midvalley's realtionship with Legato REALLY like? Drama NC-17 for REALLY dark sex
Chapter Two Midvalley learns some revelations about his partner Wolfwood Drama NC-17 For *cough cough* you know...
Chapter Three The musician and the preist's final battle together. However things don't go exacutally as planed. Drama/Action PG-13 for Language and Violance
Chapter Four In the after math of that last battle Midvalley shares somemore time with Wolfwood. Drama/Sap PG-13 for some REALLy light lime.
Chapter Five The Final Chapter of my Mini-Midvalley Saga. Midvalley reflects on his own personall hell. Drama PG-13 for brife lime

Everything You Want My simple, yet sweet Wolfwood and Vash song fic. PG for Shonen-Ai

Here's to the Night After the events in Trigun Maximum volume 5 Vash spends some time with Wolfwood. NC-17 for VxW, yes in that order.

Valley Girl A song parody dedicated to the fans of everyone's favorite Saxophone-Man of Trigun. (Based on the song "Valley Girl") PG 'cause what would be a Valley Girl with out a yaoi intrest?

Nothing Else Pretty basic introspective look at Domi, Middie and Leggy R 'cause you know what's going on

Hosted Works

Miyako Inoue's works are all right here, (I'll make a nice image when I get the time^^;). Thanks for all the writtings

Things you'll probably never hear the cast of Trigun say LoL!!! This one is extremly funny. Parody G
Some people just don't get it Vash starts to freak out after a weird cat starts talking to him. Parody G
Secret Lives of the Gung-Ho-Guns: Zazie Zazies birthday, the authors love of this guy, and the newly coined term "Friendly Neighborhood Hornfreak" ^^ Parody G

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All writings on this page are mine. Trigun isn't mine. Do not take any of these writings with out my permision. Thanks