Trigun Horoscopes Trigun Horoscopes I’d seen this done on some other anime sights so I figured why not Trigun?
All info taken from WARNING: This MIGHT contain spoilers for Trigun, so if you’re anti-spoiler then maybe you shouldn’t look. (Im not gonna blurt out the ending or anything, but there are some highlighs here for certain episodes )

Vash and Knives (Aquarius) Like Meeee!!!
(It says that:)

In many ways you are the quiet, retiring person who prefers his or her privacy even though you have a reputation for being friendly, this is linked mainly to the fact that you always want to be helpful so anyone that needs it will be able to look to you.

(Vash is an incredibly friendly person, yet at the same time he does need a lot of privacy. Vash has a very dark past and tries very hard to stop it from repeating again. In ep.13 he even comments that he won’t stop until he’s buried his past.)

As long as your views and privacy are respected you make a wonderful friend.

(Once again this is quite true. Who wouldn’t want Vash for a friend?)

Your positive traits are originality,

(The only guy in the series with a hair cut like that.)


(“Love and Peace!!!” Anyone?)

plus you are independent and honest.

(Vash is very independent, he’s a drifter who goes from place to place.You’ll notice that he never follows the insurance girls. They follow him)

The more often you allow yourself to express the positive side of your nature that is how often you will feel fulfilled and you will see your life as a wonderful adventure.

(I’ve noticed that Vash does indeed help lots of people and he’s usually very happy after he’s done it.)

You have the power to help people to overcome their problems and you are seen as a bright spot in many lives.

(Meryl even comments that: "Everyone who has become involved with him, has somehow gained an emotion they had once lost.")

You rarely lose hope due to your positive and optimistic outlook on life even when life gets difficult.

(After what Vash has been through, I’m amazed he can still be so positive and cheerful. He’s very strong that way.)

You must also realize just how stubborn you can be and should try to counter the tendency.

(Hmmm..this one focus on Knives a lot more. If wanting to kill off the human race isn’t stubborn then I don’t know what is.)

You must not let your originality become too perverse as then others will be embarrassed or seriously annoyed.

(See how Meryl reacts to Vash most of the time if you want more proof of that.)

The Aquarian independence can also make themselves very remote from others thereby causing the Aquarian some emotional problems.

(Once again, that fits Knives very well. I’d need to say that he’s a sociopath if not worse ^^;).

They often find it hard to let anyone into their lives; close emotional relationships for Aquarians are much more difficult than for any other sign.

( Notice how Vash refuses to let Milly and Meryl follow him after he battles Dominique the Cyclops. He’s very afraid at times that others will get hurt because of him and so he tries very hard not to get too close to anyone. )

(they do have a strong romantic streak),

(Heheh….after seeing how Vash can react around girls, I don’t doubt this.)

. Aquarian originality and the need to be different shows up early in childhood.

(Remember Chibi Vash and Chibi Knives? And how Chibi Knives killed a spider because he believed it was the only way to save the butterfly? That’s originality if I’ve ever heard it.)


By Mercury being placed in Virgo you have an unusual ability to reason that is lacking in other signs. Not that you are more intelligent but rather that you lean towards the logical in all you think, and sometimes this may not be the best thing as there has to be some of the odd, unusual things in life that you will have to learn to accept that does not seem to have any order, logic, or reason.

( Just the simple fact that it took her until episode.5 to figure out who Vash really was, is proof enough for that.)

You have a computer like memory that allows you to be able to assimilate a large amount of information and then present it to the masses in a more understandable manner. You are very good at expressing this type of thing but when it comes to something close to your heart, such as love or compassion, you find it hard to let the other person know and can thus appear to be aloof and cold.

(Meryl obviously has strong feelings for Vash but she continues to deny it, and usually would rather yell at Vash then actually show concern for him. it’s usually too late, by the time she chooses to show him that she cares)

You have a tendency to get out of sorts and become 'picky' with those around you which makes for some unforgiven hard feelings in the future. You can be argumentative, critical and nervous.

(Meryl seams to be infamous in Trigun for being the personification of pms, having permanent pms, having a month long menstrual cycle…ect.ect.ect. ^^;;) .

The puritan is the picky, squeaky clean type who will never be pure in self and who searches for it but cannot find it in others: therefore, the criticisms.

(Meryl at times often tries to come off as pure. She speaks in a very feminine fashion (Japanese version only ^^;) dresses in all white (very pure) and is always upset at Vash due to his unpredictable and rebellious actions.)


One type of this sign is like the sure-footed mountain goat that is forever climbing and attaining greater heights. The other type is the domesticated goat that is kept on a lead and is forever striving to do something but can never quite make it.
(I think this fits Legato both ways. He’s extremely determined to mess with Vash’s mind every way possible, but at the exact same time he’s so insanely loyal to Knives that he’s lost any ability to reason.)

Positive Capricorns are reliable and along with other good attributes, they have a dry but good sense of humor.

(Well… that little “gift” he left for Vash WAS kinda funny in a really….sick…twisted way..heh…heh.. ^^;)

Their positive traits are being practical, ambitious, prudent efficient, persistent and patient.

(Legato seem to be very practical such as when he only killed half of the men in ep.15 so that the other half could bury the bodies. He’s fiercely dedicated to Knives and his goals. (The guy folded him in half for chrisake and he still stayed loyal to him ^^;) He’s very efficient when it comes to commanding the Gung Ho Guns, (He has them slaughter everyone in ep.15 very efficiently). He also was extremely persistent in hunting down Vash, and I’d guess patient considering that the July Incident happened 23 years ago.)

They can be very cold and distant, pessimistic,

(A man who slaughters in cold blood, feels no true emotions towards anybody and likes to talk about how the entire human race is going to die soon, seams to fit that description very well ^^;)...

They are slow to develop, requiring more time than others

(One thing that’s always fascinated me about Legato is how he uses “Boku” when he talks. For those of you unfamiliar with "Nihon Go", ‘Boku’ is a way of saying “I” but its rather childish and mostly young men say it. (Say Grade School to Middle School)

but at middle age they seem to reach a point where it seems they will never age; not changing for decades.

(This is very debatable but there is a common idea that Legato has been working for Knives for some time. (Over 23 years if you count the fact that this is when Vash lost his arm and how Legato is wearing Vash’s arm ^^;) Its also a theory that Legato has stopped aging all together (He does look pretty young ^^;)

The worst problem that Capricorn seems to have is psychological in nature.

(When you get right down to it, Legato seems to be in need of LOTS of therapy and a very high amount of medication. He’s crazy. End of discussion.)

You can be too easily depressed, even by minor setbacks and annoyances.
(Legato is very depressed in a sence, he hates human life and is disgusted with even his own.)

You should get more exercise to reduce the tension as well as making music a part of your life, either playing or listening.

(Well…Legato is originally a long soft musical note ^^;)


As a Gemini you are loving and caring, almost maternal in your actions toward those who are down or in need.

(Milly is probably one of the sweetest people in Trigun, she’s very kind and helpful and will do things simply because she knows that she needs to help someone. Most notibally in episode 11 when she helps Julian and Moore out.)

You collect wit and knowledge where ever you find it, although it could be only surface knowledge or short lived.

(Ever notice how Milly will be able to figure out who Vash is before anyone else, or make a move in chess to help Wolfwood out, but not be able to grasp the concept that Vash obviously isn’t “Looking for spooks”. She comes off as very naïve)

You are forever young with a playful and endearing personality; not wanting to spend much time alone, you will hunt up your fun and companions.

(Milly is on great terms with all the good guys in the series. She gets along with Vash even better then Meryl, Wolfwood likes her on the spot. *Sleeping on her shoulder and everything* and at times she even comes across as the stronger of the two insurance girls. Remember, its Milly that realizes that she and Meryl need to make a run for it.)

You have a great gift of gab and can talk your way out of almost everything, even to the point of making others doubt their very eyes.

(Milly does seem to be very good at convincing people. She convinces Wolfwood to help her and the two kids out in ep.11)

Some of you should guard against being a chatterbox or telling other peoples secrets;

(Milly often blurts out things that she shouldn’t Most memorably, Meryl’s age* She’s often noted for saying exactly what’s on her mind*)

Learn to respect your own goals and dreams and realize that they are worth every minute spent to obtain them.

(Yay! Ike Oukii-nechan!)

Wolfwood: Pisces The upstream of the two fish show that you fight against the 'currents'; that you make an effort to overcome the negative aspects and happenings in your life by looking for inspiration, while at the same time you are willing to share those inspirations with others.

(From what I can tell, one of the main reasons Wolfwood roams the desert as a preacher is to find redemption for what he’s done in the past. He goes around running an orphanage and usually trying to get funding for it)

Perhaps pushing yourself and others too hard.

(That’s why I have.. THIS CONFESIONAL!!! *heh yeah, that fits Wolf pretty well)

The contradictions in your nature show that you are plotting a course to your objectives while the other side of you says, "why bother"?,

(The one seen that sticks out in my head is in ep.11 when Milly goes to help the two kids and Wolf’s attitude is basically “why bother?” But he’s nice and helps out anyway ^^;)

This type of inner turmoil can cause you to give people all manner of impressions about you,

(Vash and the Insurance Girls seam to get many different impressions of Wolfwood as does the audience) Milly seams to view Wolfwood in a “Romanticism” type way, as a charming and mysterious Priest. Meryl seams to regard Wolf as a trouble maker (After he falls asleep on Milly in ep.9) And Vash seams to view Wolf as an enigma, often trying to understand why Wolf sees certain things the way he does. *He always seam to be going “Nicholas..D..Wolfwood..” to himself)

such as: A genuine altruist to a subtle manipulator,

(Like how he convinced Vash to sign up for the Quick Draw Tournament in ep.10)

The cause of these misleading impressions are your inner sense of feeling that all is one and one is all; you can do anything, or be anyone. In other words, you can be all things to all people.

(Wolf is a lot of things to a lot of people. He’s a friend to Vash and the Girls, an Ally to Midvalley (well.. former ally. They two of them spend time kicking the shit out of each other in Maximum vol.4) ^^;) and a brother to all those little kids : Niku-onichan!:

You make good, loving parents and your sensitivity allows you to understand the emotional needs of your children.

(Wolf’s really good with kids)

Some Pisceans do not make good wives or husbands as they find it hard to give up their favorite game of flirting and the ego boost of getting a response from the opposite sex.

Wolfwood also has a tendency to be extra nice to anything in a skirt ^^;

You are good at understanding others and yourself, more so than any other sign.

(Everyone I know just loves that scene where Wolf goes up to Vash and comments on how Vash hardly every “truly” smiles, hence showing us how well he can read people.) This is also the sign of the true, and gifted, mystic.

Well…religious faith isn’t really a mystic…^^;;

You root for the underdog and champion lost causes but they only serve to remind you that joy and sorrow are one and sensitivity is synonymous with suffering.

Wolf’s major flaw is his belief that nothing can ever be gained with out a sacrifice. (Vash proves him wrong a few times thou’ ^^)
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