Marriage Prospects

SIDE NOTE: I love reading these, so I decided to do one on the Trigun cast. (Contains SPOILERS up to volume.5 of Trigun and Volume 3 of Trigun and Volume 2 of Trigun Maxium) MORE SIDE NOTES: These are all basically my opinions on the characters, so if someone ealse totally disagrees on what I say about Milly then that's fine. Secondly, I'm not going to disscuss the yaoi relationships between the characters. Don't get me wrong, I love yaoi (My art work will tell you that), but I don't find any true evidence that it acutally existed in the anime. (My belifes manga wise are stronger, but alas' I can only read the manga and look at the pretty pictures, not understand ^^;)Thanks, enjoy

Vash the Stampede
LooksVery cute, is tall with light green/blue eyes and blond hair done in a "Bart Simpson" style. Often looks very sweet, like you want to go up and give him a hug. He has a huge amount of scares on his body though, not to mention one of his arms is mechanical.
SmartsDespite how he may act like a weirdo sometimes, Vash is actually very observant and has a great understanding of people with the ability to read them well. He has a very good understanding of Plants (though that might be more then intelligence). Vash is very high on the cleverness scale.
PersonalityVash is an extremely lovable guy. He's usually happy and at times will act extremely silly. Despite his cheerfulness Vash can sometimes be very serious especially under extreme circumstances. Vash is dead-set on his "no-kill" policy and the scares on his body show that he's paid the price for not killing his opponents. Overall he's usually very sweet and understanding (even with his silliness at hand)
Cooking/Home EconomicsNothing special, Vash can probably cook well enough to get by on his own.
Fighting SkillsVash's gun fighting abilities are top. He has marksmen accuracy and has been show to dodge bullets. His speed in both movement and drawing are top notch also.
Special AbilitiesThe show's called "Trigun" (Three Guns) for a good reason. Vash's 3rd arm is actually his arm to begin with. His entire arm turns into a hug gun known as the "Angle Arm". Vash's arm has been shown to destroy entire cities with out killing anyone and to make a huge hole in the moon. Vash also seams to have a strong understanding of plants.
Competition Well...besides that fact that practically every fan girl who's seen the show wants him (^^;), Vash's competition also includes Rem and Meryl. While Rem is only a past memory of Vash's (she taught him all about "Love and Peace") he still has very strong feelings for her. (Even if it is mostly a "big sister" admoration). Meryl is shown to have strong feelings for Vash, however she is very reluctant to tell him so. (I'm not even touching the yaoi side of this all ^^;;;;)
In-Laws Vash's sociopathic twin brother Knives, who hates all humans and wants to kill off the entire race and create a garden for him and Vash. Good luck there ^^;
Economics Poor Vash is usually broke and tends to take spare jobs when he can get him. Vash is also a wanderer, so he doesn’t truly have a home either ^^;
Sex Probably very unaggressive. Despite his perversion at times, Vash in truth has been shown to be very hesitant in relationships and at times even shy. ^^;
Overall Rather hard to win him over, but if you could, it would be very much worth it.

Meryl Strife
Looks While not shockingly beautiful in the typical "anime" fashion, Meryl is very pretty with short black hair and lavender eyes. She's obviously there for character interaction and not fan-service (we need more of that IMO ^^;). She's very short and wears an all white outfit with a large white cloak.
SmartsMeryl seams to be pretty smart. Her major flaw seams to be how by the book she is. Meryl also seams to think in a very logical manner and will often over look things that aren't that obvious.
PersonalityMeryl at first comes across as extremely bitchy. She's quick to loose her temper and can get extremely frustrated when things don't go as she planed. She can also be very stubborn and is reluctant to express herself that often. Meryl at times however can be extremely caring and is also very loyal.
Cooking/Home EconomicsDoesn't look it. Though Meryl does come across as a very neat person. She's probably very good at cleaning things up.
Fighting SkillsShe isn't called "Derringer Meryl" for nothing. Under Meryl's cloak are 50 derringers that she can whip out at anytime. Meryl has great accuracy and usually won't miss.
Special Abilities Well..she can probably touch type, but other then that, no.
Competition Despite the fact that she's in much denial over it, Meryl cares for Vash deeply. I wouldn't go as far to call it romantic yet, but its obvious that she's concerned about him and wants to look out for him. Her main weakness in this is how she has a very hard time expressing that.
In-LawsNone actually mentioned. She also hardly ever writes home.
Economics Meryl actually has a job so that's a start right there. She probably makes middle wage, and it's a good steady job too.
SexHard to tell, she might be aggressive or hesitant about it.
Overall Meryl would make an ideal wife. Whether or not this is a good thing is up to you ^^;

Milly Thompson
Looks Like Meryl, not intended for fan service. Milly is rather big, with light brown hair and blue eyes. She usually dresses in a big khaki colored coat with a green cap and brown pants. She's also very cute with a very innocent look to her.
Smarts Milly at times comes off as rather clueless due to the fact that she sometimes doesn't grasp the obvious facts. Milly also acts extremely naïve at times. However, Milly is actually quiet good at pointing out facts that might be less obvious for other people. (Such as who Vash really was) She also seams to be an expert chess player.
Personality Milly is very cheerful and friendly. She usually tries to see the good side of things and has some very strong morals. Milly however can be very emotional at times and she can get extremely angry over incidents that upset her. She's also often a little perplexed when it comes to relationships.
Cooking/Home EconomicsProbably some basics, but nothing special.
Fighting SkillsMilly welds a huge stun gun that she seams to have very good aim with. (You'll notice in ep.12 that her 2nd shot freed Vash). She also packs a very hard punch, assuming that she can actually hit her target ^^; Wheil Milly might not be an expert in battles, its been shown that she can hold her own.
Special Abilities Nothing truly, even though she does seam to be very insightful at times and is also a chess expert.
Competition Wolfwood seams to have a strong interest in Milly and the two of them get along very well. (She often calls him "Bokushi-san" or "Mr. Priest"). Even though it's a very pure and innocent relationship, its also a very strong one.
In-LawsThe youngest of ten children with a mother, father, and a whole bunch of cousins. She writes home on a regular basis to them
Economics Seams to be holding a good and steady job so far. I'd guess she makes middle-wage.
SexMilly comes across as extremely innocent while dealing with personal relationships. She'd probably want to be very sure of someone before she ever went and did something as serious as sex. A nice slow and trusting relationship would probably be needed first.
OverallCaring, kind and very cute, Milly would be the perfect spouse. (Assuming that you could work through her relationship with Wolfwood ^^;)

Nicholas D Wolfwood
Looks While not of the typical "Pretty Boy" image, Wolfwood is very handsome in a rugged way. He has a long noise, black hair with side burns, and looks in need of a shave. He dresses entirely in black and has these cute little clogs that he wears. (Clogs in anime version only). Wolf also speaks in a heavy Osaka Dialect. (Japanese version only)
Smarts : Wolfwood comes across as intelligent in more of a street smart way then anything else. He also seams to be pretty good at reading people.
Personality Wolfwood is usually friendly and charming to most people the he meets. (Especially girls ^^;). He's rather talkative and will often try to collect money for the church that he runs with the help of his portable confessional. Wolfwood likes little kids (possibly because he sympathizes with them) and often tries to help them out whenever he can. Wolf however, can be very cynical at times and has a firm belief that nothing in life can be achieved with out a sacrifice.
Cooking/Home EconomicsEven though he is shown cooking in episode ten, no feedback on how good it the food is was even mentioned. So, I'll just put that he's probably a pretty decent cook. (Though I can see him making a whole batch of cookies for everyone ^^;)
Fighting Skills Wolfwood carries around a gigantic cross he calls "Punisher". The cross is actually a huge arsenal consisting of hand guns, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher. Wolf is shown to have good marksmen ship and can also fight hand-to-hand when he wants too. Wolf is definitely a powerful fighter.
Special Abilities Can wear all black in the desert with out collapsing from heat exhaustion, can carry around a gigantic cross with out getting tired and can ride a motorcycle.
Competition : Wolfwood seams to have his eye out for Milly. He often flirts with her and will help her out if she needs it. Wolf often seams to be impressed with her at times also. (IE: "She can do everything I can't so easily. I hate that.").
In-LawsSo far none mentioned. (And we won't go into that "Other" family he seams to be associated with)
Economics Runs a church that also doubles as an orphanage, but when you need to collect money for it with the help of a portable confessional, things can't be that good. ^^;
SexDue to his stubbornness and dead-seat opinions, Wolf would probably be aggressive. However, he's very caring so he'd probably want to be sure that his spouse was ready for anything that went on between them.
OverallOften stubborn, with strong beliefs. He's probably more of the "boy friend for a few months" type then a man who'd actually want to settle down and commit. He'd probably have to care about a person more then anything else in the world to actually get married. Getting him past Milly and then getting him to care about you even more would be quite the trick.

Legato Bluesummers
Looks What might possibly be described as the "Pretty Boy" of the series. Has blue hair with bangs that often cover up his left or right yellow eyes. Wears a white coat with spikes and a skull on it. Also talks in a very soft yet ominous voice. All and all extremely sexy.
Smarts Legato comes across as very cunning in a cat like way. He seams to know exactly how his opponent thinks. (Though that might be more then smarts) He also comes across as very intelligent, often talking in a very dignified manner and using lots of kanji (Manga only ^^;).
Personality Legato, for lack of a better word, is insane. He takes an extremely unhealthy pleasure in watching people die in most often very horrible ways. He also enjoys mentally tormenting people as well. Legato also comes across as very disgusted with human life, so disgusted that he even hates his own existence. Legato is extremely cold and feels no true emotions towards practically anyone.
Cooking/Home Economics Legato doesn't come across as the cooking type, or the cleaning type. However he does love food, so his significant other can be expected to makes lots of food for him.
Fighting SkillsYou know.. so far into the series (and manga). Legato has yet to actually fight hand to hand. He doesn't even carry a gun with him. Normally I'd just say that he's pretty helpless, but then you'd need to look at the next category and realize just how powerful and incredibly dangerous this guy is.
Special Abilities Legato seams to be incredibly gifted in the mental abilities. He can talk telepathically, and has the power to control minds. Legato is shown in many scenes, forcing people attack each other, having people shoot themselves and at one point is even shown having one man rip his own heart out. (Anime censored that part kiddies). Even after he's crippled in the manga he's still shown to be just as powerful.
Competition : Whether into yaoi or not you can't deny that Legato is obsessed with Knives. To Legato, Knives is nothing less then a God, and actually refers to Knives as "ano kata". Something that usually gets translated to "Him" (As in, the way the bible uses "Him") or in a simpler terms "My Master". Legato is so loyal to Knives that he's lost all sense of reason, and his loyalty to him doesn't even waver when Knives folds him in half. As far as Legato's concerned the only thing in life that a person needs is "Absolute devotion to Him.".
In-LawsNo mentioned, and if you ever did meet them they'd probably deny ever being related to him. >P
Economics DOES Knives even pay him for the work that he does? I kind of doubt it.
Sex (This is the one you've all been waiting for --) Cold, violent and probably with out any romance what so ever. Legato with his powers is extremely dominant and aggressive. (Unless I do brake my yaoi comments and go into Knives, then he's an uke all the way.) Knowing his sick and twisted nature, Legato's probably into all those "games" as well. Be afraid be very afraid..

Knives Millions SPOILERS for episodes 17 and 18
OverallIgnoring the fact that he's "to die for" in the looks department, this guy is crazy. Consider him killing you painlessly to be good luck. (Unless you're just as sick and twisted as he is, then by all means go for it.)
Looks Because Vash is his twin, he bears a strong resemblance to Vash, only with lighter and shorter hair. He also has more tired looking eyes. Think of 80's rock star Sting and you have an idea of what he looks like. Often wears this complex red "Plug Suit" outfit. Very cute just like Vash
Smarts Knives comes across as extremely high, even as a child. He seams to understand humans very well and is very good at manipulating them. Knives also has a pretty good understanding of Vash and how he'll react to certain situations as well.
Personality Knives comes across as a sociopath, meaning that he has no beliefs that anything he does is wrong. Knives is usually calm and often comes across as easy going. However, Knives seams quick to loose his temper and has an insane dislike for humans. He believes that they are no better then parasites and that it's his job to eliminate them all.
Cooking/Home Economics Err..does Knives even need to eat? I somehow doubt it
Fighting SkillsVery good, fights with a gun very similar to Vash's only its black. While Vash only has one angle arm, Knives has two. You need to figure that if he can shoot Vash's arm off, he has to be a pretty good fighter. He does however,have a low tolerance for pain.
Special Abilities : Knives Angle Arms can 'cause mass destruction and unlike Vash's he actually kills people with it. Knives can turn his hand into well..a knife and literally slice up things and people. Knives is strong mentally as well, he seams to be able to connect with Vash and can force him to use the angle arm. Knives also controls Legato who he often sends out to do his dirty work for him.
Competition While Knives isn't cannon paired up with anyone, he does seam to care about his brother Vash a lot. Knives's main goal in life is to wipe out all humanity, so that he and Vash can live together happily. Knives will hardly acknowledge any humans, yet has an extreme obsession of getting Vash to join him, even though Vash likes humans and refuses to kill.
In-LawsTwin brother Vash who's full of "Love and Peace!"you'll probably have better luck with him.
Economics Economics: Knives has no real use for money, so he probable never has any.
Sex Probably aggressive. Though I wouldn't say brutal.
Overall: No offence, but if you're human then you probably don't have a chance in hell with this guy (Sorry ^^;), think if you click Here You think you might go back?