Welcome to my Trigun webpage. Full of Fan Art, Writtings and other random tidbits, this page is dedicated to the wonderful and often crazy world of Trigun, (And Trigun Maximum if you read the manga)

There, its pro WolfxVash AND pro WolfxMilly so no complaining >P

Legato has eaten hotdogs since 12/02/00 Next Lucky Number 2345

UPDATES! Last updated 2/15/01

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I'm currently acepting Trigun Fan Art subbmisions. So if any of you have some art work that you want to have hosted, please
email me at armatage_iii@hotmail.com (*incase this direct link dosn't work^^;*)
Yay! Look at him go!Regato..Regato Barusamasu..Ike! Okii Nechan!Touch the Horn!
Look! I have little chibi triguns now! Nyao! Get your own at Happy Donut Land
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My section for hosted fan art. I'd be more then happy to host other pictures.

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The place for me to shamelessly show you what a great Milly I make

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I won! I won! Boo Yay!!! Look! I was the first to catch Legato! Wai! Vashu-san ga suki desu! You CAN see why I love these guys don't you? You can catch your favorite Trigun bishies and more at Pocket Bishonen

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Gunpowder Tea was created sometime in November 2000. These characters are not mine, they were created by Nightow Sensei and I take no credit what so ever in creating them. Trigun and Trigun Maximum are copyrighted by Yasuhiro Nightow, Pioneer, Young Knights Ours and a whole bunch of other people who I don't know ^^;. (Makes me wish I did though ^^;)