Trigun Writings

Welcome to all my Trigun writings. No it's not the fan fiction section, just alot of fun babble. (And some doujinshi scans if you like that stuff). Enjoy ne'

It just hit me that I drew her left handed
MaWage! Ever wondered if marrying Vash involved compition? If Legato is the ideal husdband? Well, what i've done here, is put together a marrige prospect so you can see if you and Wolfwood where truely ment to be.
Ooo..purdy Ever wonderd what Vash's sign was? Well..even if you havn't, I'd advise you to check this out. I have Vash, Knives, Meryl, Legato, Milly and Wolfwood.

The place for me to shamelessly show you what a great Milly I make

My personal cosplay pictures, complet with nifty story.

THE TRIGUN FUSHIGI YUUGI CONSPIRACY! No really, its a good conspiracy ^^; (warning, its rather graphics heavy)

Legato Plushie! Yes! Watashi no Regato Purashi! Pictures and a cute summery here.

Death Tripper doujinshi, a summery Read all about my majikal Trigun doujinshi

Vanishing doujinshi, a summery Horray more shonen-ai doujinshi up!

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All writings on this page are mine. Trigun isn't mine. Do not take any of these writings with out my permision. Thanks