Trigun Writings

Welcome to all my Trigun writings. Just so you know, this dosn't really count as the "Fan-fic" section. I have a lot of fun little things though and if anyone ealse wants to submit somthing, they're more then welcome to. (My only standerd is that I have to like it >p). Enjoy ne'

It just hit me that I drew her left handed

Like it says.. My little story about life in the Gung-Ho-Guns from Midvally point of view (expect chaos to ensure)
Chapter 2 More crazy adventures and we learn what Legato does in his spare time.
MaWage! Ever wondered if marrying Vash involved compition? If Legato is the ideal husdband? Well, what i've done here, is put together a marrige prospect so you can see if you and Wolfwood where truely ment to be. (NOTE: I only have Vash up so far *bows* sorry)
Ooo..purdy Ever wonderd what Vash's sign was? Well..even if you havn't, I'd advise you to check this out. I have Vash, Knives, Meryl, Legato, Milly and Wolfwood.

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All writings on this page are mine. Trigun isn't mine. Do not take any of these writings with out my permision. Thanks