Thanks to Sariaru Ryuuzaku for the pic^^

7/08/01 I guess I've just lost intrest in this. I added a new fanart, and a new hostart and two new links though. *yawn* I think what I really need is a kick-ass layout. But until I learn to make one, it's just gonna be rarer updates. ^_^V
6/14/01 Miss me? psh.. I doubt it. >P. But yeah, two new Fanfics. Enjoy ya' ingrates. >P
6/05/01 .....guess it was lazyness. --; Um, anyway got a new main picture and new Fanart.
I've had writers block lately, but hopefully I can finish up what I'm writing now. So yeah, I'll try to get more stuff later. I also keep the lucky number hit open so that someone will give me somthing fun to draw.
5/27/01 Okay! I am school free so if I don't update this sight it's not busyness it's lazyness! Oh yeah got some kick-ass art in the Hosted Art section. It's done by the very talanted Wolfy-chan.
5/21/01 Would you believe more school work? And writer/artist block? Anyway, got two new links and a new gift . Hopefully I'll write or draw more stuff meanwhile submisions are still good. ('cept no Mary Sue's. Mama says Mary Sue's the devil)
5/10/01 Like I've said.. school work... I'll narrow it down for ya'. I have tomarrow. One week and 3 more days of finals. And then we shall all be happy. Mean while, I changed the title picture that I drew espsecailly for Liz 'cause she was nice and said "Dude, your links are busted.". And new fanfic Oh yeah. I DO REQUEST PEOPLE! There we go. ^^ Now go be my lucky number or somthin' 'cause I'm not devoted to drawing one unless it's for someone.
5/03/01 Sorry for the delay people. I've had an essay due and that took up most of my free time. Pretty lame-ass update. Got a new fanart and new link Hopefully I'll be able to update alot more once summer kicks in. (I got about two more weeks)
4/26/01 Two new pices of fanart One new pice of Hosted Art and I joined a clique. (Wee...)

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