Vanishing, By Slayers, a review


Editor’s notes:
This is Shonen-ai, so if you don’t want to see and/or read about guy-guy relationships, don’t read.
Spoilers for Trigun ep.24 I take no credit in creating this doujinshi OR trigun. This is why I’m not going to be scanning the whole
thing. I’m just giving you summaries. The cover and a few clips that I thought were cute.
scanned pictures are rather large ^^;

Ok...basic summery (as far as I can figure out..I only know about 80 kanji)

Summery: Legato and Knives are shown, Legato is talking about.. trees and water. (Sorry, those are basic kanji ^^;) . Later on Legato goes back to the Gung Ho Guns place and talks with Midvalley. He argues with Legato over something, and Legato thinks of Wolf and Vash. And more talking. Legato and Knives are shown again. And they talk some more. All of a sudden Knives stabs a REALLY surprised Legato in the stomach. Legato goes home (if you wanna call it that) and runs into Midvalley who notices a trail of blood. He asks Legato what happened and Legato shrugs it off. All of a sudden Legato’s arm (The one that’s Vashes) starts to act REALLY weird and Legato’s face gets all Angel Arm’s looking. Then we’re shown shirtless Legato so it’s not all bad. Till Legato faints that is. ^^:. It cuts to Legato sitting in bed with Midvalley bringing him food. Legato shows Midvalley his “War wound”. And they talk a lot more. (Grr..evil kanji). Then (This part REALLY confuses me). Midvalley hugs Legato, gets ontop of him, and they start having sex. (No pictures kiddies, Meri wants to keep her site.) THEN for some reason Midvalley starts strangling Legato. Thou’ I think it might be evil mind control powers ‘cause Midvalley keeps yelling “Legato Sama!”.
They finally stop and Legato get’s this REALLY sexy "come hither" look.. They have more sex and Meri keeps her web page. Then Legato has a dream (or is it a flash back?) about Knives ripping off his arm. He wakes up in bed and looks at his hand while Midvalley stands out side watching. It then cuts to that fight Midvalley had with Vash. Legato watches as Midvalley kills himself and he starts to cry. (It’s sad and even sadder that Meri can’t understand what the hecks going on)

The scans of this doujinshi are not mine, I am using them with out permission, however I did scan them myself so please ask if you want to use them. ^^; Please do not use them with out crediting the circle that did them as well. (‘cause plagiarism is a no-no)
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