My friends, I have discovered an evil conspiracy in our mists. Now I know that a few of you might be skeptical on Kachi’s comparisons of Knives to Sting. (I was the first to suggest that by the way ^^;)
But the new conspiracy I have is true beyond doubt.
I have created an essay here, featuring the shocking similarities between Triguns’ the Gung Ho Guns and Fushigi Yuugis Seiryu Seven. Hell when you think about it, the plots even similar. Trigun is about a mysterious blond gunman set on a dessert world while Fushigi Yuugi is about a Japanese School girl set in a Chinese worl- ok….maybe not. But still, observe the similarities between…. KNIVES AND NAKGAGO!!!!

Note how both of them are beautiful blond men with the desire to make everyone around them miserable. Note how they are both voiced by Mr.Fujisawa. And note how they are very evil people who are just mad at lots of other people.

Err..not enough?…then what about: LEGATO AND TOMO!!!
Both of them are very pretty, yet oddly creepy men. Note how both of them like to do mean things and can create illusions of things. Also note the die-hard loyalty to the blond Fujisawa character.

Need more proff? Then by all means continue