Heaven and Hell Part 2
This story contians a graphic yaoi sex sene don't say I didn't warn you... blah blah blah
NC-17 for a sex scene but I can assure you it’s not half as dark as the last one

“What’s with you tonight?”
Midvalley glanced up at an inquisitive Nicholas D Wolfwood who took a puff of his cigarette.

“The hottest girl we’ve seen all night just walked by and you didn’t even raise an eye brow.”

The two men sat in the lounge on the standsteamer on their way to New Oregon. Usually the first class fee would have been impossible to get, but Midvalley had picked up a gig playing for the night. Now the two men sat in the lounge watching it slowly empty out

“Wasn’t that good looking... rather small chested.”
“Yeah, but that ass…”

Midvalley promptly grabbed the cigarette out of Wolf’s mouth and took a deep puff of it.
The Priest gave him an odd look.

“What’s been with you today? Ever sense we met here you’ve been out of it..”
“It’s nothing… say… could you get me a drink?”

Wolfwood grabbed his cigarette back.
“Sure what kind?”
“Whatever you think would be good.”

Wolf walked over to the bar and poured two glasses of Jack Daniels, he walked over and sat next to the Saxophone man. Midvalley took the glass and sipped it slowly. Wolfwood sighed.

“We’re not doing very good at getting girls tonight are we?”
“You seamed to be doing pretty well with that burnet who was in here and hour ago…”
“Yeah, ‘til she learned I was Protestant…”

Wolfwood finished his drink.
“What time is it?”
“’bout One in the morning…”
Midvalley stood up.
“I’m gonna go back to our room…”

Wolfwood watched as the Musician left with out saying another word.

* * *

Wolfwood was waiting in bed for Midvalley as he step out of the shower wearing only a towel.
“Took you long enough, you were in there for what? Fifteen minutes?”
“Sorry… I just felt… dirty…”
He sighed and sat down on the bed

Wolf playfully leaned his head on Midvalley's shoulders and put his arms around the taller mans waist.
"It's ok... you wanna talk about it?"

The brown eyed man shrugged. "Nah... it's not that important... "

"I'd guess differently from the way you'd been acting."

Midvalley laughed at the gray-eyed priest. Never in a million years would he ever admit to his partner how important he was to his sanity.

"Now if I was acting that differently would I do this?"

Midvalley grabbed Wolf and kissed him. Wolf in surprise pulled back.
"Don't just think that you can do that to-"

Midvalley kissed him again, this time Wolf didn't object and kissed back harder.

He ran his fingers through Wolf's black hair and down his back. The priest didn't need to know about the sick twisted relationship he held with Legato. He didn’t need to know how often events like the one last night had occurred. How common it had all become to him. The pain, the hopeless misery. How he couldn’t remember the last time anyone had asked “Are you happy?” He probably wouldn’t have been able to give a positive answer to that. He knew that he would have said “No”. But with Wolf his opinion on that wavered. He might have even had to say that with Wolf he was satisfied. Content.

He never wanted Wolf to become as messed up as himself. He'd been an assassin for seven years. He'd been a Gung Ho Gun for three and he'd known Wolfwood for one. He'd stopped feeling anything truly a while back. But here was a guy who he considered his best friend. The sex was simply for pleasure. The musician sincerely doubted that they'd end up with a white picket fence, a dog and 2.5 children. He figured one of them would get killed before they even had the chance to grow old together. The sex was for the moment. and that moment was very much worth it.

He lay on top of the priest kissing him down to his navel.
Wolf laughed.
"Enough with the bad foreplay... all it's doing is tickling me.."
Midvalley smirked and started to rub at Wolfwood's crouch.
"And does this tickle?"
"Hell yes, what do- ah! Jesus! Finally you got harder..."

Midvalley gave it a playful squeeze once again. He always found it amusing to listen to what Wolfwood said. He was just waiting for the day when the minister in black yelled "Praise the lord" during the climax.

Wolf's organ hardened even more as Midvalley pulled the priests thighs apart. Wolfwood playfully raised up his own hips exposing himself completely. The musician grinned and slowly eased his own into Wolfwood who gave a quiet groan.
"Is that the best you can do tonight?"
Midvalley gave a wicked smile on his face and started to thrust in harder.
"You're gonna put me to sle-AH! Oh Damn!"
Midvalley pulled Wolf's thighs apart even more and thrusted in even more violently.
Wolf cried out as beads of sweat started to appear on his face. Midvalley pushed harder himself had started to sweat as well. He started to move around more violently giving the musician a harder time with him. Midvalley learned forward some more and grabbed Wolf’s shoulders pinning him to the bed. Wolf finally climaxed and gave another cry of pleasure just as Midvalley had ejaculated into him.
Wolf gave a sigh of relief as Midvalley rolled over next to him.

He turned to look at his chocolate haired partner.
"That was quick tonight. You playing minute man again?"
"yeah... just felt like doing it fast..."
Midvalley lit his own cigarette and blinked as Wolf took it from him.
"That's what you get for being quick about it." he said in a bit of a scolding tone.
Midvalley laughed.
"Come on... quick or not you had to admit that was good..."

The two men lay there for a few moments, finally, Wolf turned to look at Midvalley.
"Look, I didn't wanna tell you this till you felt a little better but after all this... I guess I have to.."
"What is it Nick?"

The younger man sighed again.
"This hit we're doing, it's gonna be my last one with you... I have a new assignment.. I'm gonna go find Vash the Stampede."
The words hit Midvalley like a slap in the face.
"You're kidding"
"I wish I was... but this... these are top orders.. Knives contacted me personally for them. I have no choice..."

He turned to Midvalley sincerely.
"What can I say. We made a kick-ass team.. even if we could never get any girls..."
Midvalley had to laugh. "Hey... you made a pretty good girl there yourself... Nicole."

Midvalley then a pillow slammed in his face.

“Knock it off… Middie…”
“Hey…” Midvalley grabbed the cigarette from Wolf and held it away from him at arm’s length.
“Aww come on.. give it back…”
“Not till you say you’re sorry.”
“Fine fine.. I’m sorry…”
“That’s not good enough… kiss and make up..”
“… Aww come on…”
“Uh uh”

Wolf promptly gave Midvalley a quick kiss on the lips while snatching his cigarette back.
He took a final puff of it and set it out on the nightstand.
“You know, there was an ash tray over there..”
“Yes, but I figured I should just show off my manliness to you by doing something rather pointless.”
“You would….”
Midvalley sighed and leaned back in bed next to Wolfwood.
He waited for a few minutes till Wolf was asleep and then fell asleep himself.

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