No major warnings. It’s all plot and talk this time. Thou' still Shonen-Ai


Heaven and Hell

Part 3

PG-13 For Violance and language.

“Okay… we run in… start shooting like crazy.”
“Are you crazy? This is a plant reactor we’re talking about! It’s ultra sensitive!”
Midvalley stared at the trigger-happy priest.
“We need stealth for this… not our fault this group choose to meet in a plant…”
Wolfwood thought about it.
“Okay… you can… be a distraction… you know, wave your arms around… run around in your boxers…”
The Musician scoffed. “You’d like that…”
Wolfwood gave a lop sided grin. “Come on. I’m just joking with ya’”
He became a little more serious. “There’s a back entrance, you take that side, I’ll take the main one… your attack wouldn’t hit the plant from there, and my gun could pick off everyone really nicely.”
Midvalley nodded.
“Okay, when you’re ready to attack, just say so.”
He motioned to his right ear. “I’ll hear you.”

He holstered up his saxophone Sylvia and walked around the back. He’d miss all of this.. the crazy stakeouts that never worked… the last resort attacks… all of it and as much as he hated to admit it, he’d probably miss that crazy priest as well. He braced himself at the back entrance waiting until he picked up a sound that was obviously the signal to go.
Holding Sylvia in both hands he kicked open the back door just as Wolf kicked open the front holding his own gigantic cross-like weapon.
The Musician took out 5 of them with one blow, and Wolf took out another 4.
Both men stopped and starred down at the mess. The dark haired priest looked around. “Hmm… main control’ panel’s opened…”
He gestured to the large machine that stood right below the plant.

Midvalley took a step towards it, Wolf held out his hand. “Careful, that things running with a ton of electricity, you could get a pretty bad shock if you came in contact with it.”

Midvalley laughed. “Ok.. we must of done something wrong.. this all went off with out a hitch…”
Wolf laughed and pulled out cigarette. “Count your blessings on this one.”

Neither men noticed how one of Wolf’s targets was still alive, and neither one noticed how he’d just pulled out a huge knife, and by the time he’d managed to pull himself up and jump at the minister in black it was a bit to late.


Midvalley ruffly shoved Wolf to the side and gasped in horror as he found a knife slicing into his lower abdomen. Wolf pulled out his own gun and fired at the man, but it was too late. The man shoved Midvalley, and the half-conscious musicain found himself stumbling towards the open power grid of the plant.
The last thing he remembered was the sound of Wolfwood dropping his own gun. He forgot everything else as a high amount of electrical currents ran through his body.

* * *

“Admit it… you drink too much.”
Midvalley jerked his head up to find himself sitting at a bar with Dominique the Cyclops with him.
Dominique was a loner when it came to the Gung Ho Guns. She kept to herself and seamed to have a strong devotion to Legato. But Midvalley had known her long enough to figure out that she was cleaver, observant, and one of the saner of the Gung Ho Guns.

“But… what are you doing here?”

She shrugged. “Hey.. it’s your dream.. not mine… I can’t help it if you have some weird sub conscious obsession with me.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Relax, I’m joking..”

He shook his head. “This is a dream?”
“Sorta’ you pretty much took a nasty fall there… you might die..”

“My question is.. do you want to keep living. This is your fight… Chapel wants you to live… you mean a lot to him.”

He scoffed. “Chapels leaving… “

She gave him a coy grin. “And that’s what worries you… because after that then what… go back to working solo… to being Legato-sama’s bitch, unless he’s in the mood for being on the bottom that day?”

“Just shut up…”

“I can’t… I’m here because these are things that really trouble you… you need to face them.”
“How then?”

She shrugged. “Accept them… believe that Wolf will come back… believe that this is good for him. That he needs to be as far away from this twisted group as possible. Trust him…”

Midvalley winced as he felt a blow to the face.
“Ow.. what was that for?”

He heard another voice but this time it wasn’t Dominique.

“Wake up!!!”
“Stop that…”

He felt another blow again.

“You bastard! You’ve never given up on anything! I’ll be damned if I let you die on me! Fight it damn you! Fight!”

He felt pressure on his chest.. and he felt it in his mouth.

He saw Dominique smile again.
“It’s time to wake up Player..”

The musician all of a sudden found himself rolling on his side and coughing violently. He felt a hand patting his back.
“It’s ok… it’s ok…”
He finally stopped coughing and looked up to see a nervous Wolfwood leaning over him.
“Don’t ever do that again… “

Midvalley smiled only to wince in pain.
“Here.. hold still… “
The priest unbuttoned the brown-eyed man’s coat and blouse revealing a large wound were a knife had slashed. He gave a low whistle.
Midvalley felt the priest apply pressure to the wound and slowly start to bandage it.
“Let’s see if we can get you to a doctor….”
Wolfwood’s face still looked rather distraught though.
“Damn it Hornfreak… I… I was a really afraid there for a moment.”
The words had just been sort of blurted out.

Midvalley smirked at the priest. “S…sorry to give you a scare like that…”
He reached up and gave Wolf’s hand a squeeze. The priest became more relaxed.
“Just don’t do it again… “
Midvalley blinked in surprise as he felt Wolfwood picking him up.
“Here… let’s go..”
Midvalley’s world slowly went dark as he heard the priest’s footsteps.
The last thing he remembered hearing was Wolf muttering “Damn… you weigh more then I thought…”