Meri's Otakon thingy on Friday Part ONE!

After a night of expensive crab cakes and two dollar lemonades at resturants:

“Crap.. who’s gonna pay for this?”

Friday had come and Otakon had started. I of course dressed in my half assed Aya fuku. From Ayashi no Ceres. “I don’t care what you say! Her costume is RED damnit!”

Mars was Ceres, and D and John already had their Meryl and Wolf costumes on. There was only one problem.
The Otakon pre-registration line is REALLY REALLY LONG!!!

“AHH!! Will it ever end???”

However lots of cosplayers kept walking by.
Here, Trigun cosplayers. Be happy.


“And he could even sorta play his sax ^^;”

Then we waited somemore and found… Garnet and Vivi!
“Ah.. costume..too tight..”)

But then we found a Spike!

“Hey Spike!” I asked, “How’d you get your hair to get green like that?” He then blew his noise into his hand and ran it through his hair.
“I have no idea.”.
I avioded him after that.

Once the line actually made it inside the convention center, I found the best thing in the world! A Saitou Hajime cosplayer!
“ -_- .oO( Help me….) )

“AHH! Saitou-sama!!! KAWAII!! WAI WAI!!!” (NOTE: this is a little exagerated )
“Crap.. I only cosplayed ‘cause my girlfriend’s a Rurouni Kenshin freak…”

So I dicided to change back into my Milly costume, but not before an obligitory Aya and Ceres pic.

Then our Trigun group was ready for action!

Here John as Wolfwood (with the use of the hotel bible) preaches a passage from Leviticus.

(Sadly he did it at the yaoi table and was horribally mobed later on >P)

However, John wasn’t the only Nicholas D Wolfwood cosplayer…

“I’M the real Wolfwood! I’M Special! I’M unique!” (Oh come on, I just had to say that)

Here we interact with Genma from “Ranma ½”

“I couldn’t find Ranma today.. probably ‘cause I traded him in for ramen!” he comented.

But lets ignore the sadness of child neglection. Here’s a pic of Pen Pen!!! (And me, but who wouldn’t wanna hug Pen Pen?)

Oh, did I mention we found the ideal Vash? Here D “Kachi” of Angle interacts with Philidephia’s Aaron. (It was the tie, we swear. --;;)

And now we have Sarasa from the little known in the US manga “Basara!”

“Hey, you’re from Basara aren’t you?”
“OH MY GOD~ You know who I AM!”
Letsee.... That makes... Me, Midi, Fredric, Ron and her! It's offical. Five people in the North America's have heard of "Basara"

After a lot of surching, I finally found a Vicious (Cowboy Bebop) along with a Julia and Faye in tow.

“So Vicious, why didn’t your bird ever crap on you?”
“I didn’t let it. Why do you think it exploded in ep.25?”
I’m still tramitized over that mind you.

And for more pictures! (Just click on the links 'cause I'm LAZY!)

Dryen from Escaflowne. (Insert Klesmer music here)

Imadoki Girls from Yu Watase’s latest completed manga, “Imadoki!”

THE ONLY Blade of the Immortal cosplayer in the WORLD! kay… that’s kind of an understatment. Good Anotsu thou’.

Cid from FF7.
“#$#’’n con, chargin’ $5 for a cup of #$#@ en tea!”

Now On to More Otakon Friday!