Look how they shine A Trigun Fan Fic by Meri-chan ^^
Editor Notes: SPOILERS for ep.17 of Trigun
Err..yeah, I got a lot of these ideas from other things. Sorry ^^;
Trigun is not mine, so the characters are not mine. And I never said they were in the first place so there >P
I did this thing were every now and then, the story shifts from past to present.
Enjoy, feal free to comment

Rem walked over to the small boy staring out into space next to a huge window.
“What are you-“

“Doing?” Nicholas D Wolfwood asked over 100 years later as he dropped the butt of his cigarette into the sand.
“Hm?” Vash looked up. “Watching the stars.”

Rem smiled. “They’re very pretty aren’t they?”

Wolf laughed to himself. “You would.”
“Hey…what’s wrong with looking at stars?”
Wolf shrugged. “They’re pretty sure, but don’t you ever get tired of it? You spend so much time travelling and looking at the stars to begin with. I’d think you’d get tired of it”
Vash smiled quietly. “I don’t think I ever could.” He lay down next to the campfire and kept staring at the night sky. He rolled over to face Wolfwood. “You travel also Wolfwood, haven’t you just ever looked up the sky at the stars?” Wolf shrugged. “Everyone now and then, usually its when I wake up in the middle of the night to take a leak. Late at night, that’s when all the stars come out. THEN I look up and it’s incredible.” Vash sighed “You know…someone once told me that the-“

“Light from the stars that we see are millions of years old. The light from a star that we see might already be dead.” Rem closed her eyes. “I guess that’s the only thing that still exists from a memory like that…its like that with people too. You always remember the light that they had…” A young Vash looked curiously at Rem.
“You know, the qualities of a person that made them so special to you”
Vash smiled “Oh! Like the way you make donuts for me and Knives?”
Rem giggled “You could say that. It’s qualities that make us better people.”
Vash looked curious “Rem? What are my qualities?”
“Well…you’re very smart, and cute. And you’re very caring. That’s one of your best qualities Vash, you care about the people you love.”
Rem paused “I think you’re going to grow up to be a person who works very hard to protect others Vash.” “You really mean that Rem?”
She nodded and ruffled his hair. “Why else would I say it silly?”
Vash happily smiled at Rem. “I’m still gonna protect you Rem! We’re gonna be together forever!”
Rem gave a small laugh. “Well that’s very nice of you to say Vash, but a lot of things are uncertain in life. Your ticket to the future is always blank remember?”
Vash looked worried. “But…if you go… then I’d really miss you…”
“Oh Vash…”
Rem pulled Vash next to her and sat down on the floor. “Here…look at the stars, it’s just like the light from them. It shines. Now if I ever go away or you ever get lonely. Just look at the stars and see the light coming from it. It’s there to remind us of the past, and how even though technically it might be gone, its still always they’re in memory.” She stood up and pulled Vash up as well “Come on, let’s go play chess.”

“Chess?” Wolfwood looked at the pieces that Vash had scattered from his duffel bag. “Figures you’d have something like that in there” The priest watched as the Humanoid Typhoon set the game up and muttered. “God, I hate this game…”
Wolf was check mated in five moves.
“Gah! How the hell did you do that?”
Vash gave a lop sided grin “I’ve just had practice, I’ve been playing it ever sense I was one.”
“No really.”
“Yeah whatever Needle Noggin”
“Would you quit calling me that?” The two of them started to laugh for no particular reason. Wolfwood stopped “Say..how long do you think we can keep doing this? Traveling.. being together.. how long before it picks up again? The battles.. the madness… the bloodshed?”
Vash sighed. “I really don’t know.. nothing in this world is certain. The future is-"
“Always blank, yeah.. yeah…” “Hey, I’m trying to be serious here.” “Sorry” Vash once again looked up at the stars. “Well… I guess if it does start again… we can just remember the light from the stars..” Wolf shrugged. “Whatever works. They seam to shine for you, you know. Its like they understand the person you are..” Vash smiled. “They’re not the only ones…” The two of them didn’t need to say anything else as they sat back and watched the black sky with flecks of yellow stars.
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