Alright, here are some of my very few writen works, emjoy 'em kay?

Lost Universe

Review on the anime Lost Universe

Sorcerer Hunters

A review of the anime Sorcerer Hunters


Really weird short story I wrote, its kinda depressing and twisted. But all and all its a good read


(downloadable so you don't get so confused)


Note: If you do not understand the concept of online RPGs you will not guess this. If you have never RPed
in PDX you probably won't get this. If you have never seen nor heard of MST3K ((the one where the robots make fun of a bad movie))you won't get this. And
if you have no basic knowlage of anime or manga, chances are you won't get this either. Infact if you're not one of us, then chances are you won't get this at all
Read and enjoy kay'?^^

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Once again, take my stuff with out my ok and die. (Understand? ^__^)